Is Wednesday Night War Over?

It is being confirmed that USA has been in talks with WWE for several months now about the option of moving NXT to Tuesday night from Wednesday. The reason for the past two weeks being run on Tuesday (as opposed to a different night) was to see how well NXT can do without competition. Tuesday would be the only option available to air NXT without any serious competition from other sports and entertainment.

While it’s not being confirmed the move is happening as of yet, the ratings for the past two weeks of not just NXT, but AEW as well, have been among their highest since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. USA isn’t looking at a potential move as a failure, but rather the opportunity to have a dedicated audience that doesn’t need to choose between two different wrestling promotions and increase ad revenue and demand for NXT.

As for the chance of AEW moving to a different night, that is highly unlikely as there wouldn’t be other nights really open. As is, they are already in talks about adding a 2nd show that will likely air on Saturday as either a 1 or 2 hour program. But during the NBA season, TNT airs games on Tuesday and Thursday, which eliminates the chance of AEW moving to those nights. Again, none of this is confirmed beyond talks between AEW and USA. If more information becomes available, we will certainly be sure to pass it along.

Jason’s Jest: I’m definitely for NXT moving to Tuesday night. I watch both NXT and AEW and I hate having to watch one after the other on the DVR (except skipping commercials). Both AEW and NXT could benefit significantly from airing on different nights.