A New Shampion! (Smackdown Review)

Tribal Chief


I actually really like that as a new nickname for Reigns, and I’m loving Heyman with Reigns, but this segment didn’t start or sound as amazing as last week from the gate.  In fact, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it could have been.  I get why they did what they did, but Heyman is the gold in that pairing.

Jey was totally adorable here!  Almost like a kid in a candy store.  But then they gave the mic to Reigns.  I was worried, but he handled it really well.  I think working against someone who had been around most of his life, someone he truly loves, gave him enough feels to give us more than usual.  He was quiet, but really good here.

I should have seen Corbin and Sheamus coming to the ring after last week.  Further, they had to put Reigns and Uso tagging together heading for when they face off.  It’s obvious, but I like it.


Don’t Touch That!


Sami pushing buttons willy-nilly and tweaking out about Jeff and AJ fighting over what Sami believes is his was brilliant.  Even better was screaming at the top of the ramp before Pearce about dragged him out of there.


Aware With All


This was a very traditional Jeff match, other than AJ blocking some of Jeff’s signature moves.  I like that it’s AJ blocking as they have worked together a lot through the years.  It wasn’t the best of matches for AJ, but he looked solid and helped Jeff look better in the ring than he is these days.

Sami ended the match beautifully.  I don’t see any Jeff Hardy matches ending clean until this whole IC Championship thing is ironed out, and I love it!


Cousins, Not-Identical Cousins…


Jey really looked more like a little brother there, but I was always that way with my cousin as I was so close to him.  I like how they’re building the dynamic between them going forward.  It could be a lot of fun and great for Jey moving forward.


Who Is The Real Champ?


AJ completely shoved his foot in it saying that he could beat either Jeff or Sami, no matter the type of match.  That means triple threat at NoC!  The only question is what type of match it will be.


We Want The Snacks!


I love how annoyed Cesaro and Naka were when Street Profits came in.  Profits are so charismatic and work well with anyone, but they’re not overshadowing Cesaro and Naka, which shocks me.  Nothing against either of them, they’re just not the most over the top team right now.




I know when I’m that dehydrated there’s no way that I could get up and punch someone in the face.  Now that I’m thinking about it, it would depend on who the person was as to whether I’d find the strength reserves.  I thought the flopping to the ramp would bring us something more interesting than this.


Cesaro Screwed


This match could have done so much more for LHP, but it didn’t.  It absolutely helped Cesaro and Naka and their feud with Street Profits.  Losing to LHP sent Cesaro into an uproar like we’ve not seen from him in a very long time, and I loved it.  He completely went off the rails over the loss and Street Profits taking over their space backstage.  I want to see more of Cesaro out of his mind like this, and it is only partly to do with all those rippling muscles.


Bayley Is Two Belts Banks?


Bayley really screwed up in her speech, calling herself by Sasha’s nickname.  I have to admit that I love Bayl’s reasoning for turning on Sasha.  This is so much better than I thought it was going to be.  This might be one of Bay’s best segments in a very long time.  I know a lot of people in the DD don’t agree with me, but I thought she was solid here, other than screwing up at the end.  I’ll be shocked if Botch doesn’t add his own bit here when he’s editing all my absurd typos.


Nikki’s Butt Sweat


With Nikki being hit by Bayley, does that mean she will win this one?  Well, I guess I was right on that one, and I’m thrilled.  Nikki looks great in new ring gear, she’s lost some weight – which she didn’t need to lose – and looks even more curvaceous and lovely.

Just when Cole said Bliss didn’t look at all affected by The Fiend, she started staring off into space.  I really liked seeing Bliss hit Sister Abigail on Nikki.

Tamina looked really rough in this match.  She more fell than took Nikki’s DDT, and looked a bit botchy at other times as well.  She didn’t look ring-ready and I blame WWE who only let her in the ring now and then when they need her.  I get that Tamina is a bit breakable, but if she’s not in the ring more, her ring work will continue to look rusty.


Johnny Drip Drip


He’s been so bad for Miz!  He’s really done nothing to elevate his former partner.  It would have been so much better for Miz if JoMo hadn’t come back to WWE.  I get nostalgia and all that, but JoMo didn’t grow any while away, unlike McIntyre.  Yes, his ringwork is sound, but that’s it!  I get that he has a look, but I honestly don’t know why WWE is paying JoMo to be on TV, because all he’s doing is hurting one of the strongest members of the roster.  I will say that JoMo’s ring work against Otis was fun, but that only goes so far.


Stolen Lunchbox


What a crappy case!  I’ve wanted a MITB case for years, I think it would be a great way to carry my laptop when I’m out and about, but not if it’s that poorly made!  I would rather buy a used Haliburton and paint it myself.  I won’t be breaking copyright if I make it bright pink and blue!  It would look a heck of a lot better than what Otis is carrying!


That Horrid Red Sweater!


I really think the red sweater is horrible, but I get that it’s a part of his Mr. Roger’s thang.  Beyond that, I thought they handled the Pasquale The Persevering Parrot, though are they talking about Bo?  Anyway, Wobbly Walrus about had me on the floor laughing.  I’ve dreamed of Heyman as a walrus.  I’ve dreamed of Heyman as a puppet.  Neither dream came anywhere near as close to the greatness that is Wobbly Walrus.  I’m in awe and I can’t wait to see more!


Stealing The Win


I’m kind of liking Reigns showing up at the last minute and stealing the match from both his opponents and his partners.  It’s a great twist for his heel turn and absolutely something Heyman would come up with.  It’s perfect for Reigns going forward.

Jey looked downright fantastic in this match.  This proves that he knows how to be a singles competitor, and not blow up because he doesn’t have a partner.  I’m quite excited to see what they do with Jey going forward as it makes absolutely no sense for him to be sitting on his hands while his brother recuperates.


Shut Up Corey, I’m Talking!

This was a decent episode of SD.  It wasn’t the best, but it absolutely held its own against the rest of pro wrestling for the week.  It really was a strong week for wrestling with some great matches, topped off by some great work all the way around on SD.