What Happened With Mickie James?

Monday night on Raw – Mickie James stepped into the ring to face Asuka for the Raw Championship.  As James is freshly back from an ACL injury and 41 years old, and the industry has greatly changed from when she started as a Diva, time isn’t on her side for that ‘one more championship run’ within WWE.  With new ring gear and a seemingly renewed spark to her work, James stepped into the ring with Asuka and gave us a really solid start to the match.  Being that James was trained to work the ring when she did, she actually handled herself pretty well until the end.

That’s where all the questions arise.  Did the ref screw up again?  Was James knocked loopy?  Did James dislocate her shoulder?  While Bryan Alvarez claims that the ref screwed up that’s all there is to it, some people swore James at been knocked loopy, and Mick Foley stated on Twitter that James had dislocated her shoulder.  Then WWE released a statement that left the situation as clear as mud.

“Realizing that this could be her last chance at a championship, Mickie James left it all in the ring against The Empress of Tomorrow. But although Mickie James was ready for Asuka, Asuka was also ready for her. The Raw Women’s Champion locked on the Asuka Lock, and despite James’ best efforts to fight out, the referee ruled her unable to continue and awarded the match to Asuka.”

WWE did a great job of telling us absolutely nothing as they try to stay kayfabe through whatever actually happened.  In reality, we know nothing and really won’t know anything until James is either back in the ring or in for surgery.  I will say that given the way the ref was tending to James outside the ring, and how rushed to the ring Zelina Vega seemed in her segment with Asuka, it feels as though something went akimbo at the end of the match, I just don’t know who actually had the issue.  Further, I kind of love that WWE is being so evasive as it gives me a bit of that old school vibe not really knowing what happened in the ring.  It’s so rare these days that it makes me smile to myself as I wonder not only what happened, but what WWE will make of it.