AEW Dynamite – Live Coverage And Results

Daily Dre:

If I didn’t have to pee, I’d probably never get out of bed.



FTR defeat Jurassic Express with help from outside the ring from Butcher, Blade, and Tully.

Matt Hardy is on the floor backstage with Private Party.  He’s holding his knee as Hager and Jericho, wielding a pipe, taunt Hardy and laugh.

Hangman Page defeats Kaz in a great back and forth match.  Omega leaves announce but doesn’t go to the ring to see Page.

MJF defeated Shawn Dean with an armbar to start and finish the match.  Then MJF on mic calling out Mox for cheating.  MJF demands he’s announced as undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned AEW Champion.  He says the only way to get anywhere in AEW is with a stable, so he might not continue to run as a lone wolf.  Oh, and he’s better than us.

Eddie Kingston goes off about not losing the Battle Royale.  Second, they’re a family, not a stable or faction.  They are a fighting family.  He tells Butcher and blade to find a victim.  They grab wrestlers from behind the barricade and beat them down as Kingston keeps rattling on.

Jericho & Hager defeat Private Party with a Judas Effect.  After the match, Jericho keeps on Kassidy in the ring with walls until Quen comes in to break it up.  Jericho ends up outside the ring commiserating with Hager (who is still wearing panties in the ring, not actual ring gear.)

Thunder Rosa defeats Ivelisse to retain NWA Women’s Championship with a questionable tombstone.  After the match, Diamante attacks Thunder Rosa.  Shida rushes out to save Thunder Rosa.  Then Shida looks at the NWA Championship lovingly before giving it to Thunder Rosa.

Kip Sabian talking while Miro lifts weights and Penelope spots him.  Miro then talks up their bachelor party, etc.

Archer out, grabs a masked guy from ringside and chokeslams him in the ring.  Then Jake starts talking in that way only he has.  Jake calls out Taz and they form a trio/stable of Starks, Cage, and Archer.  Mox comes wondering in a side door to the arena and is about to talk, but Starks and Cage attack him.  Someone they claim is security gets beaten down my Cage.  Then Will Hobbs is running toward them with a chair in hand.  They flee.  Mox yells about the team Jake has, but he has Will Hobbs as his partner!  Lastly, he calls for Darby Allin to get to Florida for next week, because they’re going to war!

Best Friends defeat Santana & Ortiz after a BRUTAL Parking Lot Brawl!  When it was almost over Orange comes out of the trunk of a car, which he’d been in the whole time.  They destroyed two cars and beat up a pick up a bit.  The three of them climb into Sue’s minivan and start to drive away, then Sue stops and gives Santana and Ortiz the bird.