AEW Signs Its Newest Wrestler

Will Hobbs debuted on AEW Dark some time ago and was immediately impressive.  What a nice surprise to find out that just a couple of hours ago, he was officially signed to All Elite Wrestling.

For those who may not know, Will has been on the indies for about a decade – first as Will Rood and for some time now with his real name, Will Hobbs.  In one of the few bright spots on “All Out”, he was featured in the Casino Battle Royale and even lasted for quite a while in the match – making quite an impression in the process.  Major congrats to Will for getting the nod.


Botch Take:  As a long-time fan of his, I couldn’t be happier for him.  I’ve watched him develop (both physically and work-wise) into something really special and he’s not done yet.  I’m excited to see how AEW uses him going forward.  This should also serve as encouragement for those who thus far mostly been seen on AEW Dark.  There is a way out and through sheer #WillPower, Hobbs has found it.