Riddle’s Attorney Issues Public Statement

In light of the news that we broke yesterday, Matt Riddle’s attorney has just released a statement concerning the matter:

“On July 14, 2020, our client Matthew Riddle only sought a cyberstalking injunction against Samantha Tavel. The court set it for hearing as they found probable cause for the matter to be heard. It was represented to our client and our firm that Ms. Tavel has moved on with her life and our client would no longer need to continue with the cyberstalking injunction. Our client then dismissed the cyberstalking injunction (without prejudice) which left all of his legal remedies open and allowed for closure. Today, our client has elected to file a civil suit against Ms. Tavel for her continued false and defamatory statements that our client sexually assaulted her. No further statements will be made on social media at this time.”

By dismissing without prejudice, this means that Riddle would be free to reinstate TRO against Ms. Tavel if the issue were to arise again. The amount that Riddle is seeking is unknown at this time, but may become known in the near future. We will update as new information unfolds.