He’s Under the Hood! – AEW Dynamite review

The Wednesday Night Wars are back in full effect. With a little pressure a couple of channels down AEW Dynamite has to deliver to earn the top spot in ratings. AEW has put great shows together over the past couple of weeks. Tonight’s looks like a recipe for another great show. Watch out for the Parking Lot Fight between Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz, it can be a show stealer! Let’s get into tonight’s action baby (insert Kofi Kingston’s voice).

I went into this excited as usual.  The shows are always solid.  Okay, let’s get it!  Everything in italics is, of course, Baron Botch.


FTR vs. Jurassic Express

No better way to start the night than with a superkick party from The Bucks to the referee schedule to ref the match. The heel Bucks are out to make a statement. A great way to plug the Bucks without the need of a promo. The ability of Jungle Boy on the mat is outstanding. He is growing right before our eyes and FTR found that out to start the match. I’m glad they were able to get Luchasaurus involve in the match early. Usually Jungle Boy takes the punishment and Luchasaurus gets the Hot Tag to turn the match around. When he gets the Hot Tag to turn around the match, he does it so well. He comes in the match with great energy and cleans house.  This was a great back and forth match between Jurassic Express and FTR. A great match with a muddy ending. The ref largely did a good job to but Jungle Boy’s right shoulder was up. Great way to seal it by the commentary team as well. No shot at the titles for Jurassic Express.

They are destined to open every show, aren’t they?  Good thing is I don’t mind it at all.  I agree with Oscar.  Jungle Boy is amazing and he gets better every single match.  This was a fun match…until the very end.  I know they wanted a dirty finish but the ref would have to have been Helen Keller to miss what was going on.  Had he turned his head even one inch to the left, he’d have seen everything.  I couldn’t take that leap.  Sorry.  In short, very good match, wretched ending.


Matt Hardy’s Promo

I strongly believe they are trying to write Matt Hardy off TV. They are doing it in a great way and with a story line. Tonight, Floyd took out Matt Hardy and no way he recovers quickly from a knee injury. It must be nice for Chris Jericho to have Floyd by his side.

I think Oscar’s right.  This will get him off of TV for a while.  Question is why didn’t the ring segment last week do it.  He said he was going away to recover (from his CONCUSSION!) so he could have just left then.  This wasn’t necessary.  There were other ways of creating the conflict that gave us the match we’d get later.


Adam Page vs. Frankie Kazarian

It’s all in the story telling. AEW does one thing great and that is story telling. Well at least for the men’s division. Having Kenny on commentary is great way to continue the story line with Adam Page, and it’s all done within a match. You guys want to see two wrestlers smack each other in the mouth, watch Adam Page and Frankie Kazarian go at it. I had forgotten how great Adam Page is as a single competitor. The dude has the ability to have you on the edge of your seat. Frankie Kazarian is right there with him too. He can take punishment and give it as well. They compliment each other inside of the ring perfectly. Not surprised the “This is awesome” chants broke out. Two dudes that have been lost in the tag division were able to put on a single’s show. The multiple close pin falls gave the match a great dramatic effect. Adam page and Frankie Kazarian stole the show. Page looks to be having fun and picked up a hard-fought win. The story telling between Adam Page and Kenny Omega at the end was excellent.

Frankie’s in a one-on-one!  Don’t see that often in these parts.  Page really needed this.  I enjoyed him in tag team with Omega but he needed to go it alone again so this will be great for him, I think.  Omega was fun on commentary – answering exactly none of the questions thrown at him.  Gotta love it.  I really can’t say much more than Oscar’s said.  Stellar match.


MJF vs. Shawn Dean

It’s not often we get to see the great MJF wrestle in AEW Dynamite. The dude pulls off a tour around the ring during the commercial break and makes sure he gets a reaction out of everyone. MJF is great no matter what he does. The match was about 30 seconds long. I spoke too soon on MJF wrestling on AEW Dynamite. He didn’t even break a sweat. The promo after the match wasn’t one of his better ones. The passion is there but the whole talk about factions didn’t make any sense. MJF continues being better than you…and you know it!

Shawn Dean has been seeing action on AEW Dark – a lot of it – and he’s done well.  MJF needed someone to squash and Dean was on TV getting TV money.  Hopefully, more comes for him over time because he really is better than this.  MJF is, of course, already legendary and he just nails repeatedly.  This did its job.  I disagree on the promo.  I thought it was his usual brilliance.  Does it make sense yet?  Maybe not but I think it will shortly.  I really liked it.  Oscar was ruthless here.  LOL!


Wrestling Since Promo

AEW has used this promo before when Mox was defending the AEW title against Jake Hager. They bring it back to push Ricky Starks. I’m not against the way the use it, but if your going to highlight a move make sure you pick the best video of the move being done. Sell me the move in the best way possible.

I mean…I know what they were TRYING to do but probably best to show Starks’ moves in the best possible light.  This wasn’t it.  The job guy that took the move took it badly and it was rather obvious.  I do like Starks though.  I saw him NWA and I remember thinking “why is he here?”  He’s just too good to be there.  Thankfully, he got out and we get to enjoy him on a far more interesting stage.  Let’s just forget this happened, shall we?


Eddie Kingston’s Promo

Most will hate this promo, but if you ask me it was great. Eddie Kingston and friends are out to make a statement. A very entertaining promo and maybe I’m biased because of the Lucha Bros. I think Agents of Chaos, has a nice ring to it.

This was…good for me.  Apparently, Eddie is the new shiny thing and everyone loves everything he does.  Thus far, he’s been…good.  Nothing earth-shattering, just good.  It was good.  I do like the Agents of Chaos thing.


Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Private Party

Chris Jericho made it very clear last week. They want the AEW Tag Team Championship from FTR. They will need some big wins in order to get that shot and tonight, Private Party stands in the way. I find it hilarious that J.R. praises Jake Hager because the dude went to the University of Oklahoma. Chris Jericho has been in the business for as long as I can remember (and longer) and he can still do his thing in the ring. Let’s take a moment to continue the Jake Hager-bashing campaign. The dude almost falls off the apron making me chuckle a bit. Also, someone get the dude some gear please! The match had great pace and then died down for a bit with Jake Hager in the ring. The way Private Party moves in the ring leaves me in awe. They have great chemistry and one day will be tag team champions. Another great match to start the second hour of Dynamite. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager have their eyes on the tag titles and that was the way to show they are a worthy team. No way Private Party was winning this match, but they help Jericho and Hager make their case. This won’t be the last we see these teams.

Yeah, Hager is in desperate need of some actual ring gear.  It look way too much like boxer briefs.  Yes, I know it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is how much better everyone other than him was in the ring.  Hager isn’t a hot mess but he’s not amazing either and the other three were far better. Private Party is going to be so lit as Tag champs when it happens.  Marq Quen is such a star. Isiah is no slouch either and the two together are such money.  Great chemistry between them. As Oscar said, they couldn’t win here but they made a real show of it but that isn’t the point.  Jericho has been busily building stars.  He’s about to make real substantial stars out of FTR and I am here for it.  Is there a more selfless worker in wrestling right now?


Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse

AEW continues to prove that they truly have no idea what they are doing with their women talent. So, why not have this match. Thunder Rosa wrestles more in AEW than the AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. Having Aubrey Edwards as the referee gives me chills. Even if AEW sucks at promoting women wrestlers. Women’s wrestling a whole has come very far and taken over. Both Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse have the Luchadora back ground. It really sucks that these two ladies aren’t even fully signed to AEW. If I was AEW I would do whatever I can to sign them. Again, once you signed them you have to use them properly. I don’t have to tell you how good the match was. If you watched you know it was one of the best women matches we had on Dynamite. Two ladies that are great at what they do and that put on a show. Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa, Ivelisse, and Diamante can put this division on their backs and carry it. It needs to come from the top down. Please wake up AEW. Tonight, take your curtain call Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse.

I have to respectfully disagree with this one.  Ivelisse has been trouble on the indies for years and she was trouble here too.  The two of them just didn’t gel.  It wasn’t a train wreck or anything; it just wasn’t what it could have been.  The finisher was just cringe-inducing and I’m glad Ivelisse is okay.  I do like Diamante; just not much use for Ivelisse.  I mean…I want to like her.  She just needs to play nice with others.  Gotta love wrestling.  Two people can watch the same match and have two different opinions on it.


Miro & Kip Sabian’s Promo

Splash, Miro is here and I’m loving this weird bromance he has with Kip. Tonight was fantastic! Kip made up from that horrible scripted promo from last week. Miro is just naturally charismatic and makes people laugh. AEW, you have something here; don’t drop the ball.

Love seeing Miro this goofy.  He’s still getting his sea legs under him (no script, you see) but he did pretty well.  He’ll keep getting better too.  He just seems happier here and I’m all for that.  


Lance Archer and Jon Moxley’s Promo

I find it funny as to who gets the pyro now that Cody is off TV. Tonight, Lance Archer was given the pyro. Then, he does same dumb thing of beating someone up at ringside. Horrible production with the sound during the promo. I had to turn my sub titles on to see what Jake Roberts was saying. Not shocked that Taz and Ricky Starks will be Archer’s partners for next week six-man tag match. Another great way to keep the story line going from before All out. I love the way the tie in all of the loose ends. The newly-signed Will Hobbs comes to the rescue and is a perfect way to involve him into a story line. GOLD!! These are the promos I live for. The way Mox introduces him gave me chills. Mox put him over with a killer intro. The other man in Jon Moxley’s team to no surprise will be Darby Allin. I’m hyped for this six-man tag match.

Jake is gonna have a tough time with his voice.  He quite clearly has nodes (polyps) on his vocal cords and that makes emoting difficult for him.  I think what was most interesting here is that Lance is actually a pretty good talker.  He really doesn’t need Jake doing it for him.  Of course, Mox was reckless fun as always.  Seeing Will Hobbs make the save was amazing.  I’ve been watching him for years and he was just ready to go.  That adrenaline was pumping and I love it.  Darby Allin (aka Jon Moxley Jr) of course rounds out the team and I love that too.  This’ll be a really fun match next week.


Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz

This match has been in mind since last it was announced on last week show of Dynamite. A good old parking lot fight. WWE was notorious for giving us parking lot fights back in the day. Who can forget that Eddie Guerrero and John Cena Parking Lot Brawl 17 long years ago! First off, the set up for the match was amazing. Cars, two referees, the jeans by Trent, and Justin Roberts in the parking lot to introduce it all. That’s how you hype up a main event with a big-time stipulation. I loved the pick up truck that was so conveniently there full of drywall and plywood. Tony Schiavone screaming who’s under the hood was GOLD! The way Trent splashed Ortiz under the hood with the senton was brutal. Come on join me with the “This is awesome” chants. This was a brutal match. Everything was used as a weapon. Chuckie T with the basketball shorts instead of jeans is legendary. Trent will be picking glass from his back for hours. I hate to sound like a crazy man, but from time to time I enjoy hardcore matches like this. Let’s be real – I enjoyed every second of this match. I lost it when Orange Cassidy popped out of the trunk. The great storytelling continues. My body hurts from watching these four guys destroy each other. That’s how you close a night. Trent’s mom and her van have been avenged. The cherry on top Sue exiting the premises and displaying a digit not suitable for children.

I’m not sure they could have done more.  This was all it could be and far more than I thought it’d be.  The Best Friends have kind of just been there putting on good matches since AEW debuted.  Tonight, they both became stars.  Trent, in particular, gave it all he had.  I cringed numerous times and loved every second of it.  I’m not a hardcore guy like Oscar is but I do love storytelling and this one told a very good one from beginning to end. Perfection.  Of course, Sue showing up was the icing on the cake.  


The Count Is Here

There’s no way NXT can beat AEW Dynamite this week. They put a complete show together. The wrestling was great. The promos were excellent. The story telling is out of this world. What else can I say. AEW killed it in every way possible tonight. That main event was excellent. Great night for AEW wrestling!


So is the Baron

This was a lot of fun.  The only stumble was the women’s match.  Yet again, only one and it wasn’t amazing because of Ivelisse.  The women hate continues.  Maybe someday…  Anyway, the episode on the whole was really good.