Rumor: Rey Mysterio Signs 3 Year Deal

As has been widely publicized recently, Rey Mysterio has been working in WWE for several months now without a contract. Well, that is supposedly no more. In a rumor going around per a backstage source within WWE, Rey has supposedly signed a 3 year deal with WWE.

This follows on the heels of Dominik Mysterio signing a 3 year deal with WWE as well last month. In a 2019 interview with WrestleZone, Rey was quoted as saying the following regarding Dominik in the ring:

”One of the main reasons is to be able to prepare my son to eventually step in the ring one day. I want to have the opportunity to share the ring with him before I at least make an announcement to retire. I think that’s probably the last check mark on my bucket list, to be able to step in the ring with my son and be next to him when he’s feeling what I’m feeling for the last thirty years.”

Speculation is also that Rey refused to sign until Dominik did and was getting a push. With both of those being done, now appears the right time to sign. We will be following closely to see if more comes from this.

Jason’s Jest: AEW may have matched the WWE offer, but once Dominik signed, I think it’s well known he wasn’t leaving to go anywhere. Plus, the loyalty he has to Vince McMahon is second to none.