Cody Fails To Register Trademark Again

Cody has tried to obtain all trademarks associated with his father for quite some time now.  He previously failed on Rhodes as WWE owns it.  Another one he was recently unable to obtain was “American Dream”.  The rejection reads as follows:

“Applicant’s request for reconsideration is denied. See 37 C.F.R. §2.63(b)(3). The trademark examining attorney has carefully reviewed applicant’s request and determined the request did not: (1) raise a new issue, (2) resolve all the outstanding issue(s), (3) provide any new or compelling evidence with regard to the outstanding issue(s), or (4) present analysis and arguments that were persuasive or shed new light on the outstanding issue(s). TMEP §§715.03(a)(ii)(B), 715.04(a).”

He has until January 2021 to contest their findings once more.


Botch Take:  I don’t think he’s got a shot here.  WWE would be in quite a pickle if he managed to get it as they’d have to edit all mentions of “American Dream” from any match Dusty is in.  Can you imagine that work that’d take?  Ugh.  Even with attorneys, Cody can’t manage to free up the mark so he can get it.  It’ll be interesting to see if Cody tries again.