WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

Daily Dre:

Yeah, I want to apply for your store credit card. Let’s go through the entire process now while the shoppers in line behind me fantasize about my brutal murder.



Opening music is screwed up, and going into the show Retribution rushed the ring, or, five of them did.  They didn’t have their regular masks on.  This time they’re wearing more personalized looks.  Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Dominick Dijakovic, and Dio.  The third guy wasn’t obvious.  Yim goes on a bit of a tirade that they have contracts, but they’re not going after any fake brass rings.  Hurt Business comes out, they head to the ring.  As they get into the ring Retribution leaves.  Smack talk and then the ring is surrounded by about 20 people dressed as Retribution.  Sadly Yim and Martinez didn’t really get into the fight.

Street Profits to the ring, then to announce.  Andrade and Garza to the ring, but not really on the same page.  Rollins and Murphy to the ring not looking thrilled with each other.

Part of the way through the match Rollins decided he had other things to do, so he was leaving.  Garza easily pins Murphy for three.  They will be facing Street Profits for the Tag Team Championship at Clash of Champions.

Garza & Adrade defeat Rollins & Murphy and Dom Mysterio & Carillo

KO Show with Shane McMahon.  They talk about their history, Raw Underground, and Dabba Kato is called out.  Video of Kato in Raw Underground.  KO gets in Kato’s face, slaps him HARD.  Braun Strowman comes to the ring as he will be Underground later.  Fighting ensues.  In all the craziness, Black shows up and attacks KO.

Backstage Drew is ready for a fight, even with a fractured jaw.

Backstage Retribution is beating down a bunch of people.  Titus was part of the group fighting back.  Dij grabs the front end of a camera and talks directly into it, more smack talk.

Drew McIntyre versus Keith Lee ended in DQ when Randy Orton attacked with a chair and beat them both down, right after McIntyre hit the Claymore on Lee.

Orton grabs a mic and talks down the fans who aren’t really there, though he’s speaking as if they are.  He says he’s going to CoC.  Nothing will keep him from that.  He leaves the ring and heads for the ambulance where he opens the back and then talks about riding in it a few weeks ago, because of three claymores – something was bleeped out here.  The sirens were going, he was in and out of consciousness.  He realized that’s what it feels like to be Edge, Christian, Big Show, Flair, and even Drew McIntyre felt like being taken out by the Legend Killer.  He smiled because he remembered what it takes to become WWE Champion.  This ambulance represents his 14th World Championship.  At Clash, he will make sure Drew rides in it and is taken out by the three biggest letters in the industry – RKO!

Asuka backstage interview, but Billie comes in and talks smack.  Payton comes in and says it’s her turn to face Asuka.  Asuka is ready for Peyton tonight, but neither Peyton nor Billie look happy.

Backstage Mickie promo saying she will never give up going for the Raw Championship.  She then rips on Vega verbally.

Zelina Vega defeats Mickie James to go on to face Asuka at CoC!

Backstage The Hurt Business (THB) seems to take out all of the men of Retribution.

Video package for EST of WWE.

Ocean (yes, waves and all) segment of Truth and Little Jimmy swimming.  Truth thinks he sees a shark, it’s actually ninjas.  In the process, Truth lost his strap.  Shredded Ninja clothing and the strap came in with the tide and the shark is seen again.  Truth said, “Tozawa got devowahd.”

Ced and MVP to the ring talking smack.  Crews and Chet to the ring talking smack back.

Crews defeats Alexander but Crews and Chet are attacked on the ramp by all four of THB.

Ziggler defeats Arturo Ruas in Raw Underground.  Shane wants to talk to Braun, but Braun doesn’t want to talk to Shane who then grabs Briana Brady, slaps the mic into her hand, and pushes her at Braun, so she asks him questions and he answers but isn’t at all happy, and Brianna looked really nervous, selling well.

Rollins to the ring with an envelope to the ring.  Something about the Mysterio family bothered him, and he looked into it after WWE.com posted pics of the Mysterio family online.  It came to him, so he posts a pic of the Mysterio family.  Basically commenting on how tall Dom is compared to Rey and Angie.  So he had some people do some digging.  He offers the Mysterio family to come out and get the truth from Rollins in person.  They want to hear this in person, they know they can trust him!

Rollins rambles on and on, so Rey tells Rollins this is all old news, but then Rollins shows video of Aalyah (yes, that’s how she spells her name) checking on Murphy last week.  Rey stops Rollins again, says Aalyah isn’t part of that life.  That makes her confused and mad.  Aalyah stomps off.  Angie looks confused and goes after her.  Rey goes after them.  Dom glares at Rollins, then gives chase.  Rollins claims he was just trying to inform, not cause a fight!

Shayna & Nia defeat Lana & Nattie quickly with Riott Squad on announce.  Nia is screaming at Liv and Ruby as Shayna takes apart announce.  Liv and Ruby get free, but then Nia grabs Lana and Samoan drops Lana through announce.

Backstage segment where Aalyah very stiltedly followed the script and yelled at Rey.

Riddick Moss defeats Erik in Raw Underground.  Dabba Kato wants to get in and doesn’t want to talk, but Shane again shoved a really nervous Briana Brady at him with questions.

Asuka versus Peyton ends in DQ when Zelina attacks during the match.  Zelina is all screaming at yelling.

Murphy over to Aalyah to apologize.  He’s sorry if he’s done anything to hurt her.  He gets up and leaves her alone.

BraunStrowman defeats Dabba Kato in Raw Underground.

Retribution to the ring, and it appears as though the male members have been renamed as Slapjack (Shane Thorne?), T-Bar (Dij), and Mace (Dio).  They appear to be wrestling in masks.

THB defeats Retribution  The rest of Retribution rushes the ring and attacks THB.  McIntyre leads the cavalry of the locker room to the ring.  They fight in and around the ring.  The ring empty as they fight and it’s down to McIntyre in the ring and he eats an RKO outta nowhere!