WWE Reaches Deal to Air in China

Beginning September 22nd, 2020, WWE will begin broadcasting both live and in Mandarin on the Chinese mainland. The broadcasts will air on the Chinese Network iQIYI Sports and will be available via the regular iQIYI Sports membership or the iQIYI Sports boxing membership.

Viewers will be able to choose between watching in Mandarin or English under the deal. This also allows iQIYI to broadcast Raw, SmackDown, and all PPV events. This also includes rights to a media streaming service to watch past events, similar to WWE Network.

“We are thrilled to begin an exciting new chapter for WWE in the region as we bring our unique blend of action-packed, family-friendly sports entertainment to iQIYI Sport’s impressive portfolio of premium sports content.”  – Jay Li, WWE Vice President & General Manager, Greater China

“I have full confidence in this partnership. WWE is loved by many fans around the world and has a huge fan base in China. We are pleased to become partners with WWE. We will leverage the resources of our platform to ensure that top quality WWE content is delivered to Chinese audiences as an unbeatable entertainment experience.” – Lingxiao Yu, CEO iQIYI Sports

It is unknown at press time if the deal includes NXT as they were not specifically mentioned alongside the other broadcasts.