WWE Raw Ratings

This week’s episode of WWE Raw was a go-home to Clash of Champions, but this episode lost viewers compared to last week.  The average views this week was 1.667 million, down from 1.689 million the week before.  The 18-49 demographic had an average of 0.50.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour 1 (8 pm): 1.746 million – last week: 1.812
Hour 2 (9 pm): 1.692 million – last week: 1.734
Hour 3 (10 pm): 1.565 million – last week: 1.521


QD – The ratings have been fairly constant, though low, for a while now.  I know people still yell about ratings, but the way we all watch TV these days is so different that it’s almost impossible to really know how many are watching a certain episode of any show, other than those specifically on streaming apps, and even that’s questionable.