All NXT Training Suspended; WWE Issues Statement

In the wake of the breaking news earlier about the COVID-19 outbreak in both AEW and NXTWWE has announced that ALL NXT training classes have been suspended and put on hold until further notice. According to a quote obtained by PW Insider, WWE told them the following:

“WWE is dealing with a new COVID-19 outbreak that has led to training being paused at the WWE Performance Center, We are told there was no training today in Florida.  There is no word when training will resume.”

This news follows on the news that numerous trainees have been observed not wearing masks while at the temporary training facility. The rule is supposed to be that trainees are required to wear a mask at ALL times, except when specifically scheduled to be in the ring. There is rampant speculation that the cases within WWE are being traced back to a party that an NXT talent held, however, we are NOT reporting on that as it is all pure speculation with no proof available.

While writing this, WWE publicly released the following statement via their Public Relations Department:

“As part of ongoing testing protocols, WWE completed its second round of weekly COVID-19 testing on Tuesday. Individuals that tested positive will quarantine for 14 days, receive medical care, and then will only be cleared when they are symptom-free and test negative. Additionally, extensive contact tracing has taken place and other individuals have been placed in 14-day quarantine, and will then only be cleared after they test negative.”

Most of this news is still breaking, even as this is being reported. We will be following up as more information becomes available.

Jason’s Jest: This was bound to happen in the wrestling community. They permit talent to travel during their off time, which means they aren’t quarantined, which increases the chances of contracting the virus significantly.