Naomi Undergoes Unexpected Surgery

Naomi has spoken out on Instagram, telling the world that she underwent unexpected surgery.  Naomi stated that she had a massive fibroid removed, and appears to be recovering well.

Naomi stated:

“In the midst of hurricane Sally and COVID, I also underwent an unexpected 6 hr surgery to finally remove a massive fibroid that’s caused me severe anemia fatigue, horrible abdominal pains and more problems I don’t even want to mention over the past year and half…I’m recovering well. I’m relieved and already feeling so much better. So family and fans don’t worry, I’m ok. Lol, miss ya.”

The last time we saw Naomi on Smackdown was in the Beat The Clock Challenge on August 31, 2020.


QD – Wow, I cannot imagine how she wrestled with that going on in her body.  I know wrestlers struggle with constant pain from bumps and bruises, but this type of pain is something totally different.  On top of the severe anemia, fatigue and pain, when there’s something wrong with a woman’s uterus or ovaries it makes your hormones go off the rails.  So on top of all the other things, I’m sure her whole body was doing wonky things.  On top of Crohn’s Disease I’ve struggled with ovarian cysts since I was fifteen, so I understand just how issues such as her’s can be devastating.  Further, all those hormones going wonky mess with your head.  It’s not fun, and my heart goes out to her.  I’d love to know why it took the doctors so long to do something about this, but if she’s used to aches and pains, I’m sure she brushed off the health issues at first.  Hopefully this doesn’t hinder her and Jon having children if they decide to in the future as fibroids can really mess up hormones (as previously stated) as well as the ability to get and stay pregnant.