Potential Major COVID-19 Outbreak in AEW

In a major follow-up to breaking news last night regarding Lance Archer, it is now being confirmed by multiple sources that he was NOT the only talent sent home last night for either testing positive for COVID-19 and/or displaying symptoms. According to Sean Ross and Jon Alba, there were at least 10 talent sent home last night due to this, now including Ben Carter. We are unable to confirm exactly who the others were beyond Archer and Carter at this time as no others have come forward and names are prohibited from being released due to privacy laws and regulations.

Also according to sources, this goes back to the tapings and airings of both AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite beginning on September 9th, 2020. Apparently, many of the talent sent home appeared on this week’s AEW Dark, which featured 11 matches. With such a stacked card, there is a high likelihood that as few as 30 individuals may have been contaminated to as high as anyone that was at that taping, which took place last week, including those featured on AEW Dynamite.

This situation right now is not unique solely to AEW either. In WWE, there has been a similar wave of an outbreak among the NXT and main roster talent. It is being reported by Dave Meltzer that it is nowhere near the 38 confirmed cases within NXT earlier this year, but it’s also not a “small number”. This has already impacted storylines on both WWE and AEW programming as they have needed to be modified. WWE has stated that the NXT cases may result in some programming changes on the main roster, but is uncertain as of press time.

This is a major developing story and we will continue to follow along and keep everyone updated as more names and news develops regarding this serious situation.

Jason’s Jest: This cannot be good for AEW! Members of AEW were bragging not too long ago about their testing procedures being held in high regard compared to WWE when NXT had their initial outbreak. There is a substantial risk right now that the production of AEW could be halted due to the extreme circumstances surrounding this for 2-3 weeks. If the numbers are followed, at least 30 talent appeared on AEW Dark this Tuesday. There is the extreme likelihood that this may have impacted nearly everyone backstage and on-set for both Dynamite and Dark, as well as the Late Night special from Tuesday night.