Would You Get On A Private Airplane In Flip-Flops?

This Smackdown go-home to Clash of Champions did a lot better job of exciting me for Sunday’s show.  Most of the storylines feel tighter than Raw’s storylines right now.


Which Strap Is Real?


I have to admit that it’s really hard writing this segment as I’ve already predicted their match at CoC!  Because I feel so strongly about this feud, I didn’t wait for SD to start to write up the prediction for it.  Nothing new came to light in this segment, other than Jeff Hardy being so out of his league on mic here.  That’s really a horrid thing to say, because AJ only started being decent, then good, and great on mic since joining WWE as he works well with scripting rather than winging it.  AJ spent more than ten years being crap on mic, then he’s leaps and bounds better.  Then there’s Sami who never spoke and was under a hood because he didn’t think he could emote well.  He then proved he could talk and emote as a face and no one thought he could heel, because face was basically a lot of Sami, and him working off his bestie in KO.  Then, when we least expected it Sami turned heel and quickly killed it on mic.  Sami glows as a heel on mic and AJ is killing it, so Jeff is very much odd man out, especially when he loses what he’s supposed to say in the middle of a sentence – which happens almost every time he’s on mic.


Heels Kill It!


Between Sami stealing the win and AJ taking him out after the match with a ladder, this belonged to the heels.  Jeff, as per usual, looked a bit sloppy and showed his age in the ring.  AJ has changed the way he works the ring as he gets older so that he can wrestle as long as possible.  Jeff hasn’t changed anything and it’s making his bigger moves look really sloppy, bordering on dangerous.  I find that really interesting as AJ debuted only four years after Jeff.  Wow, I just looked and there’s only just over a month between them in age, and AJ is older.  It all


Who Is Screwing Who?


The best thing JoMo did in this segment was to wear that shirt.  Miz is so great on mic, but he’s being dragged down.  But it was Tucky who won this segment in the most lovely of ways.  I’m loving how both Otis and Tucker are developing as characters.  Otis is obvious, so the build of Tucky has to be solid to keep up with him.  Not sure how I feel about all this lawsuit stuff, but it’s the stuff WWE storylines are made of.


Babbling Bayley


While I love Bayley’s astrological top, I think it looks horrible on her with those jeans and the fact that she, like in her ring gear, has what I call uniboob.  It’s that horrible thing that happens to tatas when they’re smushed together rather than being lifted and separated, as they’re meant to be.  Not a good look.  Add in her rather, or, very boring speech she gave.  She talked down Sasha, woohoo!  How does that move the storyline forward when I’m too bored to remember what she said?


Nicely Even Match!


I actually really like these two in the ring together.  The back and forth between them has been stellar.  Metalik always impresses me, even when falling on his bum.  They are so evenly matched in the WWE way of working the ring.  This felt right, and as if we were to get a feud between them they’d really give us amazing chemistry and ring work, much better than all these tag matches that haven’t always been great.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Naka as a singles competitor until this match.  Nothing against Cesaro, as we all know I’ve been a huge fan of him since ROH, and dang his coffee is fantastic, but Naka really rocks the ring when it’s just him.



I said at the start of the show, in the DD, that I hoped they gave Animal an actual tribute video.  This was NOT a tribute video, it was a parade of old men’s tweets.  I want to see a tribute to Animal’s life like they normally do.  I feel like this is a disservice to Animal’s career.


Anoa’i Love


I love the use of the Anoa’i family for this match.  The use of legends, but not Rocky, was fantastic.  They all deserve the accolades for the great work they did in the ring, so it was great to see them used in such a way.  Afa, Sika, and Rikishi are all legends and while they were delivering scripted lines, they worked so well for this, and I loved seeing the family pics through the years.  The production dept deserves massive props for this one.


Uce Talks!


While being a twin, Jey is the younger twin by nine minutes.  Even though they were carried and born together, the younger twin is quite often treated as younger – from what I’ve seen and all the reading I’ve done on twins.  Anyway, Jey has played the little brother in the best possible way.  He’s being sweet and adorable in this new role without his brother by his side.  He’s killing this short storyline in the best of ways.


Riddle Me This


Now people will be claiming on Twitter that Riddle got buried by Corbin.  Just the opposite, I’m hoping that’s the end of their feud and both can move onto other things.  This hasn’t been the hottest feud, but their ring work has made them both look like main eventers.  This match made both of them look amazing.  They both went hard with big moves and swerves, back and forth between the entire match, one that kept me rapt to my screen.  I think the WRC can tell when I’m so enthralled with a match as the write up is short, but raving.  I don’t need to say a lot, but if you haven’t seen it, go watch it, it’s worth it.


Sister Bliss


I’m so glad Bliss is on so I can talk about her brilliance as her character changes.  I love the dreads and the buns!  She’s rocking the buns in the best of ways, and I might have to do the same for one of our shows in coming weeks, because I have tons of extensions to play with.  Anyway, Bliss is killing this character change in a way that Fester never did.  I also love seeing Bliss in the ring, something we don’t get enough of, but I understand that they are protecting her health so she’s around longterm, because she’s just that great all the way around.  Even though I thought of her as a typical McMahon blonde for a bit, but she broke out of that shell within her first year on WWE TV.  She’s a wrestler, not a bikini model, especially when she’s Fiending out!

Lacey isn’t a traditional McMahon blonde either, but it took her a while not to be.  She still looks the look, but her growth is something like likes of Kelly Kelly never even tried for, Lacey is a hardcore wrestler and doesn’t hold back in the ring.  Still struggles on mic at times, but she will grow into a great superstar.

Bliss might have sealed Lacey’s fate in the ring, but she really set up for the upcoming Fiend feud with Reigns for the Uni Championship.  The way Bliss looked leaving ringside, with her hair like that was brilliant, but the way she walked by Reigns and Heyman, then turned and GLARED at Reigns holding the strap was downright beautiful!


Family Feud


Reigns sold this segment in a beautiful way.  He sealed himself as a heel, as Tribal Chief.  I would normally want Heyman to do all the talking, but Reigns rocked this.  The quiet, nasty way he has of talking right now really works for him.  Now that they’re not trying to bill him as over-the-top like Rocky, he’s really coming into his own.  This is the Reigns SD needs right now.

Jey really did a beautiful thing, showing the angst of all of those things Reigns mentioned, because I’m sure a big chunk of it was true when they were growing up.  Reigns looks like the top dog, the Tribal Chief, but Jey took a massive step in going from the happy go lucky younger brother he’s been the past couple weeks to the focused man who won’t step down to his cousin, no matter what his cousin says.

The final superman punch and talking down his cousin sealed Reigns as heel, and it was the perfect way to go home to Clash of Champions!


Shut Up Graves, I’m Talking!

Almost all of this episode of SD got me excited for Clash of Champions.  I had been wishy-washy about CoC until this week.  Honestly things have been so wild backstage with everyone working their regular jobs so much that I’ve been so busy I forgot the PPV was this weekend!  SD got me completely pumped up for Sunday.  I only hope I remain this pumped until Sunday.