RVD Leaves Impact Wrestling

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes have both left Impact Wrestling.  They hadn’t actually been under contract and had been brought to the company in April for a storyline.  There wasn’t anything left for them right now with the company, so they have moved on.  RVD says he’s open to going to WWE if things were right.  Though with his history of concussions, there are questions about any big companies touching him.


QD – RVD is one of those who was great in his day, but he’s had a lot of issues, mostly concussions and age.  Then there’s that other issue that makes me wonder if WWE would touch him at all.  We all know what I’m talking about as RVD has been open about imbibing for decades.  The USA has been changing its tune on pot over the past decade, but only state by state, not federal.  The country is led by conservatives, which McMahon is open about his political leanings, I could see him not wanting RVD back for that reason.  I could see him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before being back in a WWE on any regularity.