That’s The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen! It’s Scaredology!

What a wild PPV!  When I learned that two of the matches were changed because people suddenly weren’t cleared to wrestle, I was bewildered as to how they would handle it.  Even though WWE won’t admit it, it’s obviously due to Covid 19 that they were not able to wrestle.  I don’t want to get at all political here, but WWE, AEW, Florida, and the world needs to pull their heads out and deal with this.  Leaving their heads buried so deeply in the sand is going to get people killed.

Lewis added a quip at the end of one of the matches.  Through our discussions, I think I’ve created a ring gear monster!



Nap Time!


I don’t know what I was expecting from this match, but it wasn’t anything amazing.  I think it’s because LHP just isn’t exciting in any way.  They are not built up in any way, we know nothing about them as people, as characters.  They’re just Lucha House Party and they’re not getting along right now.  Yawn!  I completely agree that this was the match to move to the Kick Off, because as I watched it I realized how little I cared.  I didn’t think there was any way that LHP would win it, and these teams have faced off enough that we really didn’t see anything new or exciting in this match.  They didn’t even show LHP after the match was over, so even the storyline that could have added much to this match wasn’t there at all beyond a few looks and eye rolls.  Not impressed at all, and it’s time they get a couple new tag teams for Cesaro and Naka to face because the Tag Division is a total cluster lately – on all three brands!



Creatively Cuffed Up


Well, that was a botch!  It looks as though the way Sami and Jeff were trying to work a ladder didn’t go as planned.  I think the ladder was supposed to land on the corner and then more moves to come after, but Jeff ended up crashing from the corner to the floor with the ladder hitting him in uncomfortable ways.

It looks as though Sami’s ladder was either too short, or the space between the ring and the announce table was more than normal because that ladder doesn’t look as though the ladder fits the way it had in the past.  Even with the cowl removed from announce, there was something off there.  I get that it needed to be barely on the apron and barely on announce, but dang that looked horrid!  I’ve seen Jeff hit that move before, many times, but hearing Sami wailing after the move ripped my heart out more than normal in any match.

This match started slow, really slow (filling time?), but once we got to that ladder botch, things got uglier and uglier, specifically the handcuff through Jeff’s ear and attached to the small ladder.  That was something that kinda turned my stomach, but Jeff dragging around that ladder was a whole other level of brilliant.  This is the second match this week that the ending blew me away.  The other was Poison Pixie winning the Battle Royal the way she did.  These creatively brilliant endings are something that have been missing this year, but wow, they blew me away with this and on NXT.



She’s A Firecracker!


Last week I went back to watch a specific match in NXT, which led to me watching the Iron Woman Match between Sasha and Bayley.  On the same TakeOver was an Asuka match, which I just had to watch.  Seeing her in the ring I could have sworn I’d seen that specific ring gear on Asuka.  Then it clicked and I turned my head three inches to look at my bedside table where my Asuka action figure was sitting along with a pile of others.  It was the exact same ring gear.  I just happened to stumble across the match that she debuted that ring gear.

A few of the moves involved a bit of waiting by one woman or another and a bit of sloppiness, but I will give them a bit of leeway, because Vega hasn’t been in the ring every week in a long time, so there’s some rust there.  For how long it’s been since Vega was in the ring each week, I think she looked great out there, and being in the ring with Asuka helped a lot .  This was a solid match, but not stellar.  I’m sure in three months if they were to face off again, which it looks like we are going to get a solid feud, not a short one like I thought was happening.  I’m giddy after Vega’s attack post-match and how Asuka reacted.  This is going to be a fun one!



I really don’t have much to say about this match as it was rather short and underwhelming, but I have to comment on Zelina’s ring gear. I thought it looked awful.  It wasn’t flattering on her body, at all, especially when she was in the armbar reaching for the ropes with her legs.  Queen has pointed out a few things about ring gear and now I’m noticing these things much more.



The Hurting Crews


The Hurt Business is a dominant team and MVP has done so much for all those guys by the ring, but this match did little more.  I really find Lashley boring in the ring.  I find his ring work as boring as his mic work, and as great as he looks physically, I just don’t get anything from him in the ring.  Crews has grown by leaps and bounds in the personality, but not enough to carry Lashley.  I just felt so little from Lashley in this. Although I felt something when he got pissed, and that’s the first bit of any feeling in a long time.

This match went exactly as we expected it too, but I want more.  Not sure where it can come from, but I really need more.



Another Short Ending


I actually, for the first time, enjoyed seeing some of the fans reacting to the near-falls in this match.  The timing was right, the camera angle was good, and we really got to see some solid reactions which was great to see.  This was the perfect match to actually see some fan reaction because these four were on!  I wasn’t looking forward to this one, other than how much fun Street Profits are in the ring.  They are so exciting to watch, no matter what they’re doing.

We were all hoping to see Andrade and Garza break up in an ugly way after this match ended, but obviously Garza was injured but Andrade didn’t hear the ref call for a short ending to the match – as happened with Nattie & Lana versus Asuka & Mickie twenty days previous.  It looked sloppy and was confusing for a moment until we saw Garza being checked on ringside.  I hope he’ll be okay, and they obviously dropped kayfabe for a moment as Andrade looked very concerned for his partner.



Bayley Isn’t Ready For Asuka


This wasn’t much of a match.  Of course both of them looked great in the ring, but it didn’t last very long before Bayley caused the DQ.  I will say I found it interesting how Asuka came to the ring for her match with Vega wearing an almost completely white mask, but for this match she came out with a fully black mask with gold chains.  Just found it interesting that she changed it up that way.

I knew whoever faced Bayley tonight, after Nikki had to be pulled from the show, would be there to help Bayley’s feud with Sasha move further.  Asuka was already dressed to go, so it made perfect sense for her to come out and work this short match with Bayley.



Bayley Isn’t Ready For Sasha


I split this off from the actual match as Sasha deserves her own grade for selling the neck brace, looking amazing in that outfit, and beating the heck out of her best friend with a kendo stick.  Sasha continued to sell her ‘neck injury’ through it all, and she has a great pained face.  I think we all knew that they threw together the match so that Sasha could attack Bayley and push their feud forward.  They did a solid job of it, and I can’t wait for SD to see what happens from here!



Legends That Were Not So Killed


I was really worried that Orton was going to win this match and McIntyre’s whole run would be in front of no one, and it might still be, but I really thought this wasn’t the time to drop the strap, and Orton really isn’t the person to drop it to.  I’d love to see someone a little more unexpected and a lot younger to win the strap from McIntyre.  I know Orton is having a massive year, but I still don’t want to see him as the WWE Champion again right now.  Honestly, I think on top of everything else, it might be a little too depressing.  Also, I really don’t like the through the ropes DDT Orton hits.  Sometimes it looks great, but on someone the size of MyIntyre it looks wrong.  Further, McIntyre trying to balance his feet on the ropes the way he needed too looked very uncomfortable.

All that aside, this match was full of fun, big moves, and unexpected appearances.  First, I don’t know what vendetta pro wrestling has against windshields right now, but for the sake of the backs of superstars, they really need to change it up.  Taking the door off with a claymore was great, but the windshield made me cringe.  Honestly, I think they hit all the big moves they could without looking too comical, though I saw some people on Twitter thought they went too far.  Shocker!

Big Show looks really odd with his head and his face clean-shaven.  He looked really young that way, but not in a good way.  He also looks as though he’s been working hard to be ring ready.  He’s in better shape than he was during much of his WWE career.  I love the way he came out of nowhere to grab Orton’s ankle, then put him through the table.  That got the discussion flowing in the DD as to who else might be involved.

Christian was an obvious one to come back at Orton for what he did to Edge, Beth, and himself.  I was thrilled to see how brutal Christian was, and it was smart to have him attack backstage so he could use everything there, but keep himself out of too much trouble if Orton could fight back.  There were a few moments that looked as though they could have gone bad, but thankfully they didn’t.

From there the discussion turned to who would be standing up for Ric Flair, as he’s obviously too old to do it himself.  I would have loved to see Charlotte show up and take Orton out herself, but she’s still out and we don’t know when she will return.  Then there was HBK on top of that ambulance and I laughed very loudly.  Sending Orton off the ambulance onto a crash pad was perfect.  I’m still bummed that one of the best sellers in history didn’t sell for Orton when he had the chance, but we know HBK’s ego and he obviously had a reason for not selling the way he did.  I’ll admit he didn’t look thrilled after throwing Orton off the ambulance either, so hopefully, that’s it between them.

The piece de resistance was Flair behind the wheel of the ambulance.  It was the perfect way to use Flair, and it’s not like he could do too much damage driving an ambulance ten feet.  Well, it’s Flair and he absolutely could have done massive damage, but he didn’t seem to move more than a couple of feet as he was mugging for the camera.  With the door ripped off it was easier to see the driver, so removing the door in that power move was brilliant.

A good friend tweeted right after this match and cleared it through him that I could share it here.  I shared it in the DD, but I’m sharing it here as well as it’s too funny not too.  Hopefully he will join us in the DD soon because he really is a funny guy.




Acknowledge Me As YOUR Tribal Chief


I was hoping that this wouldn’t just be a squash match, but I was not expecting this.  They needed to let Jey show that he’s not just the youngest, but that he can go too.  That while he was always the one trailing behind in age, he’s not a pushover.  Reigns being nasty to his cousin verbally is a great direction for his heel character, and while Jey got some great offense, the downright nastiness from Reigns was astounding.  I could have posted this Glow a couple hours after CoC was over, but I really needed to think this match through before writing about it.

The viciousness we saw from Reigns is something we have never seen before and honestly didn’t think he had it in him.  The work between the cousins, the back and forth and then the vicious attack, were all beautifully executed.  Siblings, which they’re as close to being sibs as you could be growing up, really put it on in the ring because they can do things that others wouldn’t try, even most besties wouldn’t do, unless they were like E&C and IIconics, where they have known each other since childhood.  There’s something about how kids fight that changes how a match like this looks.  Honestly it brought me back to one of my favorite moments in WWF history.  Owen and Bret were in a Cage Match and Bret was trying to get out the door.  Owen starting biting his brother, and he did it in such a ‘little brother’ way that it made me laugh aloud when I saw it.  The chemistry between Eddie and Chavo Jr. was the same way because they grew up as much as siblings as cousins.  That’s what they gave us in this match, and it wouldn’t have worked for Reigns with anyone else but the Usos.

I was wondering who we would see from the Anoa’i family in this match.  I thought we’d see Jimmy, but I also wondered if we’d see Rikishi.  It just felt like a direction they might go, and possibly a direction they still might go, depending on what the plans are from here.  Obviously it will end up being Reigns versus Bray/Fiend soon, but I’d love this storyline to extend longer, even if it’s something they taper off and return to when Jimmy is healthy enough to work the ring again.  It would be a travesty for Jey and Reigns to put on this story in the ring because it was more story than a wrestling match and have it all dropped next week like it never happened.  And if you haven’t seen this match, go watch it, because while it’s hard to watch at times, the story is beautifully told by everyone involved.



Scaredology Is The Study Of The Chemistry Between Truth And Challengers


R-Truth started the night with comedy in the Kick Off, and we all knew the insanity would ensue through the whole show.  What better way to fill time for the Women’s Tag Team Match?  Truth panning for gold was funny, but not as funny as walking into the ref’s room with Little Jimmy and losing his strap to Gulak, which we all know he will get back and lose a couple more times through the show.  Because of that I’m consolidating all the Truth segments together here.  It just makes more sense to grade them all together as he gets into so much trouble throughout the show.

Gulak was adorable, and so in character in the backstage segment where he lost the strap back to Truth.  Gulak needs to be on SD more.  Put him with someone and have them go after Cesaro and Naka – someone has to!  Gulak is too good to be an afterthought on the roster.  I’ve liked him from the start, and I love that he’s actually evolved over his time, keeping him fresh and interesting.

I really expected more 24/7 Championship changes during CoC, which is why I peeled this off to compile into one.  I also expected Truth getting his strap back would be more interesting than it was.  Some people are beyond over the 24/7 Championship, but I think they’re not doing enough.  He’s only really been on Raw for a long time, and since SD is working out of the Blunderdome as well, why not give him some time on the show I write about!  Truth really is one of the best on the roster and he should be used more since he’s already there.  I wouldn’t even be adverse to him taping championship changes in strange, but safe, ways.  There are ways to do it safely.  Or, should I say safer than they have been at times.


Shut Up Saxton, I’m Writing Here!

What a wild show.  Not every match was great, but most of them were solid.  Not all PPV-level matches, especially the Kick Off match which was downright boring.  Asuka versus Bayley was only to facilitate Sasha’s attack, so I didn’t expect much from that.  I had hoped for more from Vega and Asuka, but if you look at the number of matches Vega has been in, only seven this year, compared to Asuka defending her Raw Championship eight times since July.  You can’t be fantastic in the ring when you’re not in the ring on a regular basis.  Vega will get better again, as she used to be, once she’s in the ring weekly – which she should be!  Though I don’t agree with PPV rematches the night after.  It’s daft and always has been.

I’m sure many question will be answered this week, though we’ve heard nothing solid on any of the PPV injuries yet.  We will cover any news as it becomes available.

Queen & Lewis