AEW Star Hit By A Car

AEW Star CIMA was hit by a car yesterday while riding his bike.

He posted a photo showing off his injuries and explaining what happened:

For those of us who can’t read Japanese, here is a translation:

“I’m sorry for your concern. The day before yesterday, I was injured in a traffic accident while riding a bicycle. The diagnosis results are as follows. Head injury, facial contusion, nasal fracture, left wrist joint contusion, right-hand contusion, neck contusion, lumbar contusion. Thank you for always supporting me. Flexed biceps. Big comeback aim from here. CIMA.”

Cima has not worked in AEW since February due to the pandemic but he has kept himself busy in Japan working for DDT Pro and promoting his own independent events with members of his Stronghearts stable.

Sir Mitch Says: CIMA is quite lucky he wasn’t hurt worse honestly. Let’s hope he gets back into the ring soon.