WWE Goes After Worker’s Twitch Channels

There have been words floating in the air about this but things were made far clearer earlier today when WWE sent out a letter to their workers informing them that WWE would officially be taking over the third-party platforms (specifically Twitch channels) of the people who work for them beginning next month.  The workers will then receive a percentage of the generated revenue.

As for Cameo and the like, they are allowed to keep going on these platforms as long as they don’t use their WWE names as those names are the property of WWE.



Botch Take:  So much for being “independent contractors”.  It halfway makes sense (WWE owns the character names) but I can just see disaster ahead.  Once WWE starts claiming likeness as part of what they own, this will go south quickly.  They’ve already claimed ownership of real names (which is dubious) so likeness can’t be far behind.  Stay tuned for the fireworks…