I Said Go Home And I Mean It! (NXT Review)

This go-home to TakeOver did a solid job of exciting the fans for some matches, if not others.  I will say some segments I was excited for really didn’t live up to the people in the segments, but not everything works out on camera the way it does in a script.  I hope you agree with me on most of the segments, but I’m guessing a few won’t.  Please leave constructive comments below, I’d like to know what you think.


Dakota’s Gonna Kill You!


Okay, maybe that title is a bit rude, but between Tegan Nox’s knee – not actually Kai’s fault, but we have all seen her beat on her bestie’s knees in the past – and then the landing Blackheart took, anyone looking to hate Kai will be pointing at those things.  I will admit I enjoyed some of this match, but after that landing I was done.  I can’t put my finger on why I really disliked Kai’s work in this match.  Even though I normally like her ring work, something seemed off here to me.  I hope we don’t see any more accidents like this because it was quite scary.


Another Debate?


I hate to put it that way, but the eye-rolling and cutting each other off reminded me of what I watched the night before.  They were not absurd or over-the-top, but it was enough that I felt I was watching 4th graders at times.  It did nothing to make me at all interested in their match.


High School Chemistry


I can’t say enough about the Garganos.  They are so adorable together, even when they’re being the mean kids pointing and snickering at everyone else.  No matter what they do, they are so great together.  They are great at being the power couple but are so much more fun when they’re horrible.  They come off as rotten teenagers, but it works for them, especially here as she looks ten years younger than she is, and the lilac hair makes her look that much younger.  She’s got some serious genes and I hope they have kids before they get too old, though surrogate might be the way for them to go.


Cameron Grimes Invitational Stepping Stone To The Moon Match


I’ve not seen a lot of his mic work, but he was great here.  I’ve been loving Grimes since I first saw him, and he just keeps impressing me.  His manic behavior seems a bit opposite of his look, but I like that.  He’s an odd duck, and I’m good with that.  Some of the greatest are odd ducks.  Look at R-Truth!  Anyway, he had a solid schtick that worked for him quite well until Holland destroyed him.  Fingers crossed that Grimes gets moved in the Draft because I think he’d do well on the main roster and I don’t see him doing anything massive with gold in NXT.


I Have A Theory

As annoying as Theory is, he is good at being annoying.  He has that highly punchable face and knows how to use it.  Add in the hair that is always perfect and he’s got to have a huge ego to carry it all.


Solid Work, Bad Feud


I want to see Kushida on SD, I think he’d be used better there, but I’m biased.  I’m sure the Draft will bring a lot changes, but until then I have little interest in Kushida working against Dream.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  I just don’t get it, and it doesn’t feel right.  Because of Dream, Nese didn’t have a chance in this match.  I expected Dream to get involved, but we didn’t get anything but a short blurb that really didn’t do much for me, as this whole feud has done nothing for me.  The ringwork is what ultimately garnered this the solid grade I gave it.


The Leader?


Cole talked up O’Reilly in a massive way and acted as though UE is an even faction, not one that’s been led by Cole, and we all know that’s bunk.  I loved Cole’s speech here, and how he verbally destroyed Theory, and then trashed him in the ring.  Theory not wanting to get into the ring, and not being impressed with Cole’s threat was really interesting.  They set up for so much at TakeOver, I just hope they follow through with great writing as well as great booking.


Backstage Angst


As much fun as the Garganos are, I think that Priest and Shirai are equally interesting together.  Their interaction was adorable.  I am loving that they’re letting Shirai speak, even in her native language.  We don’t know exactly what she’s saying, but her tone and delivery are so beautiful that we learn a lot about who she is, and that’s a major part of the performance.


Cranky Li


I adore both women in this match.  Carter and Kacy are just starting together, but I’m hoping they will build into a solid team and win the Women’s Tag Team Championship down the line.  Until then they have a lot of work to do.  Xia has been a favorite of mine from day one.  She’s so different from anyone else on the roster.  I love her turning more heelish lately, finally giving her some emotion, some personality.  Finally, something interesting from Li, it’s well beyond time as she’s been ready for this for quite a while.  Also, if you haven’t seen Li’s Instagram, check it out, she’s amazing!


That’s All?


I really expected so much more from this.  Balor can absolutely talk, and I’m very impressed with O’Reilly’s charisma, emotion, and ability to tell a story, but neither got as dirty as I expected.  I wanted something spicy from someone, either of them or both.  I wanted something more and expected something more with HBK there, but didn’t get it.  HBK has been doing great work in NXT, but this segment wasn’t it.  I got more emotion from him selling Orton’s punt.


Back To The Fun


I completely enjoyed the work in the main event.  Even though it’s WWE’s typical way of doing things pre-PPV to have a tag match like this, but because it was mixed tag, and because of the chemistry inside both teams, this one was a lot more fun than most.  I honestly would have to look back to see who won this one, but that’s not what really mattered.  What mattered was the great ring work, and how the heels handled things after the match was over.  I have to admit that there were some great moments here, but none as great as the Garganos posing over their bodies holding up their straps.


Shut Up Tom, I’m Talking!

There were a couple of really weak segments in this go-home to TakeOver, which I wasn’t expecting.  Some really solid moments too, but not all of it made me excited for TakeOver.  I’m expecting the PPV to be a great show, with a lot of the superstars stepping up in great matches, and for some, it will be their last TakeOver as they will be moved in the Draft.  We recorded an episode of Royal Council about the WWE Draft this evening, which will be posted soon, make sure you check out our crazy antics, as we really pushed each others’ ideas to the limit.