NXT Moving to PC; NXT Going Live; Fans at TakeOver

It has broken that NXT will be moving to the WWE Performance Center from Full Sail University beginning with Sunday’s NXT TakeOver event. One of the reasons for the move is due to Full Sail resuming in-person classes and WWE has a strict closed set policy right now. Due to the policy, WWE is no longer using students to assist on production.

The other reason for the move is due to the potential cross-contamination of COVID-19. WWE uses more than just the arena on Campus, including office space and classrooms. With in-person learning returning, this increases the chance of exposure significantly. With the recent outbreak in WWE, they are taking no chances. This is an amicable decision between both sides and NXT will be returning to Full Sail once it is safe to do so.

Along with this news, there are rumors that NXT will be returning to airing live on a weekly basis. This has NOT been confirmed in any capacity by WWE, but was merely discussed as an idea. Others reporting that WWE has confirmed this change are incorrect.

There is also another rumor that WWE may permit fans to attend NXT TakeOver, but will not be selling tickets. This is a completely fabricated rumor and is 100% baseless as WWE does NOT permit anyone from outside the company to attend and/or work on set. If there are fans, they will continue to be the trainees as we have been seeing.