DISCIPLE! MESSIAH!…Beyond Blunderdome

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with another Getback.  I wrote this as I went along and then went back in after it was over to fix a few things (I’m seriously multitasking while this is happening:  I’m writing the blog, I’m in Dignified Discussion, I’m responding the backstage things, and trying to actually watch the show.  Whew!  Anyway, it’s all in good fun and it all gets done.  Let’s dive in to this week’s show, shall we?


Cinéma de Viper – Randy Orton

This is Randy at his peak.  He’s never been better.  He told the entire story of what happened when had those glasses on.  Just scary good from beginning to end.  There’s little more to say.  Dre feels like this has lost a lot of steam but I don’t think so.  I think this is a classic feud that could run for a lot longer and I’d still be into it.  This was just stellar from beginning to end.  This should be shown in promo classes everywhere to show the kids how it’s done.  Drew came in to gain a little vengeance and that was cool too.


Zelina Vega, Lana, & Natalya vs. Mandy Rose, Asuka, & Dana Brooke (w/ appearance by Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler)

What on Eartha Kitt…?  This makes absolutely no sense as a match.  They just threw women in there and said, “go!”  I know Queen absolutely loves Dana but I just don’t and never really have.  She goes from okay to…what she was tonight.  Very slow, awkward, and just plain messy.  She also gave very little when she wasn’t in there.  Zelina, on the other hand, is a master heel.  The way she kept getting one over on the other team was just great.  Lana has improved in the ring but they’ve stuck her with Natalya so we can’t care.  She deserves better than she’s gotten but there’s no end to this in sight.  They seem to be trying to build Mandy into something and it’s worth doing.  She’s become solid.  I just don’t get why Zelina and Asuka had to be wrapped up in this.  At least the match ended fairly quickly.

I’m starting to think WWE sees the things people are saying about Lana online and how she’s being punished for her husband leaving.  Better yet, I think they’re trolling the audience now.  If that’s what’s happening, troll on.


Cinéma de 24/7/365 I-95 South – R-Truth & Drew Gulak

Love it!  Love every second of this!  Truth is a national treasure and Drew is a whole fool.


Cinéma de Hurt – MVP, Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews

Such great slime.  He also makes everyone he’s with just that much better.  All three of them were more engaged with him than they are on their own.  They all got better the moment MVP was there for them to bounce off.  Ricochet’s thinking about getting Hurt.  That would be very cool.  I’ve seen him as a heel on the indies.  He can definitely do it.


Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo & Dominik Mysterio

When Murphy finally turns on Rollins, it’ll be so much fun.  Murphy is handling this slow burn so well and Rollins is a great dictator.  This match was all about the slow disintegration of Murphy & Rollins.  Dominik and Humberto were just there.  Murphy took the win and took off.  I’m here for this slow burn.


Cinéma de Big Dudes – Braun Strowman, Adam Pearce, & Keith Lee

They have NOTHING for Keith.  How else can you explain this nonsense?  I don’t care about this.  It’s just thrown together.  An exhibition.  Yeah, okay.  A lot in the DD were into this.  I wasn’t.


Cinéma de Disciple – Murphy & Seth Rollins

Seth is completely out of control and I love it.  Murphy is doing this really well too.  Love that Rollins put him on the clock too.  Just like the dictator that he is.


The Kevin Owens Show – Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, & Aleister Black

He got so serious here and it was fun.  Bray is money each and every time.  The whole “new friend” thing was really fun.  I also loved that Aleister came out for some of his own fun at the end.  I’ve enjoyed the feud between Aleister and Kevin and this pushed it slightly forward along with the tension between Bray and Kevin.  Why can’t more workers be in more than one feud at once?


Cinéma de Claymore – Drew McIntyre

If you haven’t seen his documentary on WWE Network, stop reading this and do it.  It’s great.  He’s really come into his own and I love just about everything he does.  This promo was no different.  Orton is telling the story that Drew should be afraid of him while Drew tells the story that Orton should be afraid of him.  Love it.  All of it.


Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman

This was just weird.  We’re clearly headed toward a Keith vs. Braun thing.  I’m fine with that.  Throwing Braun into the LED board was a nice touch.  I’m not mad at this, really.  It just kinda came out of nowhere.  Two huge dudes killing each other because…reasons.  I’ll take it if it actually goes somewhere interesting.


Cinéma de EST – Bianca Belair

I love this Ms. Perfect approach to her.  There’s nothing she can’t do and I love it.


24-7 madness – R-Truth, Drew Gulak, & Akira Tozawa

Love all of this…every single time.  It never gets old.  The story is the same each week:  someone gets the 24/7 championship from R-Truth and before the show ends, he gets it back.  Still, these segments are entertaining and I love them anyway.


Lashley & Shelton Benjamin (w/ MVP) vs. Ricochet & Apollo Crews

MVP is a savant.  The good he’s done for everyone he’s feuded with is easy to see.  He’s making new stars and I love it.  They’ve all benefitted.  Ricochet is the only one dragging behind.  He wasn’t bad here but he kept stumbling over his words and it nearly took me out of it.   The personality is coming along so I’ll let it go.  The match, of course, couldn’t fail as they can all go.  My only beef is that Apollo tapped out so quickly to the Hurt Lock.  Like…why so fast?  “We gon’ keep on coming back until you tired of it?”  What?


Backstage segment – Aalyah Mysterio & Murphy

Okay, she’s getting subtly better each time.  This wasn’t bad.  I still feel no genuine connection but it wasn’t terrible.  As usual, Murphy pretty much carried this.


Backstage segment – Hurt Business & Mustafa Ali

The commitment from Ali has always been great and it was here too.  Short but effective.  Little did we know…


In-ring segment – Seth Rollins, Murphy, & The Mysterios

The pacing that happened here is rarely seen.  Rollins and Murphy are fantastic at it.  I loved Rollins grabbing Murphy’s beard.  Murphy’s had it and it’s all over now.  Murphy standing over Rollins with the Singapore Cane was money.  Rollins talked him down and then made Murphy suffer.  Great stuff and totally on brand with the characters both have been developing.  Aalyah came out and then the rest of the family came out to continue with that story a little bit too.


Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan)

More solid than I thought it’d be.  Ruby’s selling was just incredible.  Really fun match.  Of course, it ended with the Kirafuda Clutch but we got a really good match out of this.


Cinéma de Smoke – Street Profits & Drew McIntyre

They badly needed to turn down the canned audience because I couldn’t hear Drew for anything.  The Street Profits are always fun so it worked for me.


Mustafa Ali vs. MVP

I am amazed by what happened here.  Just incredible.  People are saying they saw this coming but they’re lying.  HA!  This was a good old-fashioned swerve and I am here for it totally.  It just looked like a match between them and it became so much more.  So very much more.  I absolutely loved this.  The best part is that Mustafa is really getting something to do that’s meaningful.  The ever-evolving Retribution story has taken an interesting turn.  ‘Course, I’m happy with anything that involves Mustafa.  Here’s hoping he really benefits from all of this.  Why does Monday have to be so far away?


Randy Orton, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs. Street Profits & Drew McIntyre

Fun match.  Everyone got their stuff in.  Love good selling.  Both Ford and Dawkins are really good at it.  Of course, Orton had to pin Drew to make it look like Orton could beat him at HIAC.


All in all, a solid episode of “Raw” that really only had one weak segment – the head-scratching women’s tag match at the beginning.  It made no sense and Dana did not have a good night.  Beyond that, I’m happy here.  The reveal of Mustafa Ali as the leader of Retribution caught me completely by surprise and I love it when that happens.  So little does anymore that when something does, it’s really cool.  See you guys next week for another “Getback”.