…The Taste Of Dirty Socks From His Mouth

Let me explain the title before we go any further.  During the main event, Cole said something about KO eating the mandible claw last week and that he might still be coming back from that.  Stacy, being flip, said, “He can’t get the taste of dirty socks from his mouth!”  I laughed and reminded him that Foley has gifted the hold to Wyatt.  He simply shrugged and smirked, but it was too perfect to not use it as the title here.


Draft, Part 1


Obviously Drew, Roman, Asuka, and The Hurt Business all made perfect sense to be drafted to where they already are all people who need to stay where they are, but Rollins moving to SD is fantastic for me.  I love Rollins and have since he was Tyler Black with that blond streak that he was so great at keeping perfect until his hair was just too destroyed from the bleach.  It was absolutely time to move Rollins and I have to wonder if


Good Housekeeping Match


This match was so full of craziness.  At one point Cole called Big E’s opponent Shameless instead of Sheamus, and I wasn’t the only one to hear it.  Between Big E getting free of the ropes when Sheamus was finished with the kendo stick, Graves screaming that New Day needs to be drafted to Raw when Big E threw the coat at him, the flour and eggs that we haven’t seen since the Good Housekeeping Match between Chyna and Jeff Jarrett in some of the most sexist and disgusting storylines in the industry, and the Booty-Os under the ring, this match was more absurd than we have seen for a long time, and I love it!

I love matches that go backstage and all over the place.  Shocked at the number of windshields that have been trashed on wrestling TV the past month or so.  I love the backstage stuff, but that’s a move that causes injury without enough of a payoff.  Now I loved some of the things they did, especially in the trunk of the car and kicking the trunk lid off, but Sheamus was all ripped up by the time this match ended, and I’m not sure how badly Big E was banged up.  It all comes down to Sheamus being mayo man and blood standing out so obviously on his pale skin, but right before the end of the match, Big E had a large schmear of blood on his left thigh.  Good thing they do lots of testing within WWE because those two absolutely passed blood between them in this one.


New Day…


Even before Kofi showed up people in the DD were saying that they’re going to break up New Day with the draft.  Then when Kofi and Woods appeared more were saying they were breaking up.  I’m really


They’re Cousins…


I know they’re cousins, but they are about as close to brothers as they could be, as they were brought up together.  That almost guarantees a great feud, but then you add in Heyman, who is so great on mic, and this new version of Reigns who is killing the heel think in a massive way.  I can’t even say Jey is the weak link in this feud, because he’s really holding his own on mic, which I wouldn’t have banked on before this feud happened.  So much family greatness in this feud and they continue to kill it.


Draft, Part 2


It was obvious that AJ would be going to Raw after SD got Rollins.  Just an obvious trade.  Shayna and Nia staying on Raw doesn’t surprise me, nor do I really care as Shayna will be nothing while saddled with Nia.  Naomi going to Raw makes me think the Usos will be there after Jey’s feud with his cousin and Jimmy returns.  AJ’s draft video was really great.  Trashing Jeff and Sami on his way out was beautiful!

Sasha staying on SD was obvious as she needs to continue feuding with Bayley, but Bianca coming to SD makes me giddy.  I’m so excited that Bianca is coming to SD and I get to write about her every week!  I hope this means Street Profits will be coming to SD as well.  I know it’s less pertinent to have both of a relationship on the same show when all the shows are being taped in the same location and the regulars have mostly been staying in the area to stay as safe from Covid-19 as possible.  So excited about Bianca!


Matt & Jeff Work Together


I was typing away when I heard Riddle announced to the ring, then heard the bell.  I was still typing when I heard Cole say something about Matt and Jeff working together and my eyes popped up, wide at the TV and saw Jeff hitting poetry in motion with the help of Matt Riddle and got a big smile on my face.  Not that I’m at all enjoying Jeff, but seeing him hit PIM off someone named Matt just makes me smile.

The more I see of Riddle in the ring, the more impressed I am.  He’s truly going to be the top guy at some point.  Further, I always believe the woman in sexual assault accusations, but as firmly as Riddle and his wife have stood against Riddle’s accuser, and how they gave all the info to WWE who immediately backed Riddle and added to his legal team out of their own pockets, I’m believing in Riddle on this one.  I think it’s great that WWE is keeping Riddle on TV, and hopefully he will get into a solid feud with someone new from Raw, like maybe Rollins?

With all the superstars moving around, I hope JoMo gets drafted to Main Event, or how about Impact Wrestling?  I saw this sign the other day, because I’d rather this be the JoMo we see on SD, because it would get him away from Miz, who he is holding back like a cement weight around his neck.


Um, Why?

I honestly don’t know why they brought back Lars now.  Now, I understand he had real mental health reasons for not being on WWE TV there for a while, but I have to wonder if he’s capable of being back.  Like Mauro, he was back for a couple years, but his mental health took him off the WWE NXT announce desk.  As with Lars, I saw no loss with Mauro leaving, and have no issue with Lars not being on TV either, as I think it’s better that they take care of their mental health rather than get involved in things that will again make their lives untenable.  I just don’t get it.  I work hard to keep my mental health as solid as possible because it really messes with my physical health when I don’t have a handle on it.  Mental health is nothing to be trifled with.  I hope Lars’ mental health is well enough for him to be back on TV, but only time will tell.

Also, what is there to him other than being a muscle-bound heel?  I’m not impressed.


Draft, Part 3


Seeing Ricochet and Mandy staying on Raw, and Jey on SD makes sense.  Miz has moved in every draft he’s been in, I’m just bummed he’s still saddled with JoMo who is dragging him down more than a massive cruise ship anchor on a canoe!

Then there’s Rey and Dom on Video talking about the move.  I have to say that it’s nice to see wrestlers wearing lovely street clothes, but I have been struggling with what the Mysterio family has been wearing lately.  Rey was wearing a Givenchy shirt that I looked up, and it costs $640.  The Louis Vitton shirts Angie has been wearing all retail for well over a grand each.  I’m almost positive the shirt Dom was wearing here was also Louis Vitton, and retails for closer to two grand.  I understand that they want to look nice on TV, and Rey even has some masks with the LV logo on them, but most wrestling fans are working paycheck to paycheck and seeing these clothes kinda rubs me the wrong way.  If they were heels, like the way Rock used to talk up his expensive shirts, or if it was ring gear, as we all know how much work can go into ring gear, but it’s not and it’s bothered me since I saw Angie in the first LV shirt that first night.  I know I might come across as nit-picking, but I know how it is living week to week.  Seeing people we are supposed to be relating to wearing clothing that costs more for one piece then I spend in a year on clothes, most of which second hand as I love vintage, is a kick to the gut.


Not Much Greatness


When the rest of New Day came to the ring in matching gear, I knew they would be keeping New Day together.  (Normally I write this live, but this match got away from me as I was typing about the Draft.)  I’m not thrilled that they broke up New Day, but I need to write about this match first.

So you have two guys who have not been in a wrestling ring in weeks, and months, and they come back to easily win the SD Tag Team Championship from the team that’s been carrying them, grinding it out on a weekly basis, and I don’t like it.  Yes, I love Cesaro, but he gets so screwed at every turn.

I expected so much more from this match, but it was nothing more than the glow of New Day returning.  This match did little for either team or any of the wrestlers involved in it.


Draft, Part 4


The red eyes of Big E told the whole story.  I’m sure they will be back together, and a lot of people think Big E needs to be away from the silliness to get to the top, but I’m not one of those people.  The Four Horsemen, nWo, Nation of Domination, and DX didn’t break up for any of them to win gold, and New Day doesn’t need it either.  Fingers crossed that they will get back together before Woods has to retire.


Obvious DQ


We all knew that Bayley would cause a DQ to not lose to Sasha.  This was just the next step in their story and it wasn’t even as good as Sasha’s promo that comes later.  So little to talk about as this wasn’t given any real time to speak of, and honestly felt like a throwaway more than anything else.


Tucky Ducky, Quack, Quack!


Wow, Tucky looks HOT in a suit!  I know this is all for the ‘court’ stuff, but Tucky looks amazing, even in that mess of a suit.  White tie, NO!  Gingham shirt like that with a suit, NO!  Double-breasted suit on Tucky, NO!  Yet encased in that black jacket and all buttoned up with his hair tied back he cleans up nice!  People were complaining that he blew parts of this segment, but I was thrilled to see him continue to do solid mic work, so I’m going to continue grinning about Tucky.


Pissed Blue Hair


You can tell that Mercedes must really go off the rails when she’s pissed because she has all the facial expressions, brow raises, head tilts, and shoulder shakes to sell this segment better than Bayley has on mic, possibly ever.  She’s getting better, but compared to Sasha who came off as a beautifully natural pissed-off woman.  I loved every moment of it.


Main Event Funhouse


This was a solid match for what it was.  As expected, The Fiend no-sold most of KO’s moves.  It’s what The Fiend does, as it was what Taker did.  Fiend looked great in the ring here in his first non-PPV match in over two years.  He works that ring so well, as does KO, so they really worked the ring, but only to a point.  It really feels like this is simply the start of something beautiful between these two men going forward.  They work really well together, have really great chemistry in the ring, and then there’s Bliss.  She’s selling this storyline better than anyone else involved, and flooring everyone who sees it.  Every evolution of her character is better and better.  So much greatness in that tiny blonde wrestler and I’m thrilled that we get to see the greatness unfold each and every week.


Shut Up Graves, I’m Talking!

Well, that was an interesting episode of SD.  Most of the matches were not up to the par of the wrestlers in the matches, but everything else was great!  Storylines advanced in interesting ways, feuds moved forward, and people moved from Raw to SD and SD to Raw, giving us so many more viable storylines and feuds.  Raw should really seal the deal for all the moves, and I’m really excited to see what’s next!