Joey Ryan Files Suit Against Impact

Joey Ryan has filed a lawsuit against Impact Wrestling for wrongful termination and breach of contract following his June 22nd, 2020 release due to allegations of sexual abuse against him. Joey claims that there were clauses in his contract that were not followed prior to his release.

According to him, Impact was required to provide a written notification with a 5 day period for discussion. If nothing was resolved in those 5 days, they would then have 30 days to try and work something about regarding a resolution. If no resolution was reached during those 30 days, then after another 30 days, Impact would be permitted to release him, a full 65 days later.

Ryan is suing for $10 million, legal fees, and any other relief the court may find in his favor. He has vehemently denied the allegations against him and subsequently filed multiple suits against his accusers. This case brings his total number of cases to at least a known 6 lawsuits.

Jason’s Jest: I am pretty familiar with contracts regarding Independent Contractors, being one myself. I am not certain this case will make trial because in most contracts, there is a clause that you can be terminated immediately if the company feels you are detrimental to their operations. I would be amazed if that clause was omitted from his.