WWE Signs Talents to New Contracts

In late night news, it appears that WWE has signed some new talent to their product. The first of these is Benjamin Carter, who was basically in a custody battle between both WWE and AEW, as both companies wanted him. This is based on Miro stating the following during a Twitch stream:

“We lost Ben Carter. Ben Carter is lost, he’s gone to the dark side, so… I mean, good luck to Ben Carter, all the best to him, I was really impressed with his stuff.”

This is being considered to mean that he has either signed or agreed to go to WWE. Coming from Miro is credible as he was the talent in AEW pushing for his signing. It’s also no shocker if he does end up in WWE as he was trained by Seth Rollins.

Another talent signed (confirmed) is Tino Sabbatelli. Tino was originally in WWE until the mass layoffs in April 2020. He was spotted trying out and working out at the Performance Center earlier this week with numerous others trying to earn on spot with WWE.

In addition to these two, Chris Guy (ACE Steel) has resigned to be an NXT trainer after also being released in April 2020. There is no word on if others signed, but spotted at the Performance Center with these 3 were: Colby Corino, Blake Christian, and Anthony Henry to name a few. We will be following to see if anything comes from this further.