Indie Wrestling Show Runs Without Enough Precautions

3W Wrestling ran a show in Maine without any Covid-19 precautions at all, and pictures have been all over the internet.  First off, 3W Wrestling is based in Maine, Boston, Rhode Island, and New York.  Further, their Facebook presence only started on December 15, 2019, and their Twitter presence since March 2020.

Their ‘official fan page’ on Facebook says that 3W is a: New wrestling promotion run by Robert Rosario (Loose Cannon Double R) that embraces old school pro wrestling reminiscent of NWA, WCW and WWF.
3W Wrestling! Where wrestling is fun!

There seems to be more issues than the Covid-19 issues as the owner of 3W made the following post on Facebook.





QD – I have messages in to a couple of local wrestlers and promoters to see what they have to say about this, and I’m trying to get in touch with the owner of the company as well.  I had never heard of 3W Wrestling before this, and looking at how new they are on social media shows that they haven’t been around very long.  I will continue to follow this story as it’s in my backyard and 3W has a show scheduled in Maine in December.