Two AEW Wrestlers Injured?

Alex Reynolds and Ray Fenix were injured while working matches during Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

Reynolds teamed up with John Silver against The Young Bucks, The Butcher & The Blade, and Private Party in the four-way tag team main event.

He was injured when Private Party hit a splash/leg drop combo spot off the top rope and he was clearly knockout right away as right arm stayed in the air while being pinned. The odd thing about this was how none of the other wrestlers noticed something was off as Reynolds just laid there until Blade eventually dragged him into a corner and tagged himself in.

Reynolds laid in the ring while unconscious and wrestlers did other spots. After several minutes went by without him being checked on by the medical staff, he managed to come to and tried to do various moves, but he was still clearly out of it.

Fenix, he worked the first-round match as part of the AEW World Title contender against Penta El Zero M.

The injury happened when Fenix jumped up and hit a twisting head scissors on Penta. Once Fenix hit the mat, he landed badly on his neck and shoulder where he was slow to recover.

After talking with the referee, he recovered and they did the rest of their planned spots.

We have no other details as of now!

Sir Mitch Says: I’m sorry, but the fact that Reynolds was not seen to by medical personal IMMEDIATELY after being knocked out let alone being allowed to continue the match is just plain disgraceful. Toney Kahan and AEW already have a bad reputation of not taking possible head injuries seriously after the Matt Hardy incident at All Out and this clearly shows they have not learned their lesson!