Change to Tourney on AEW Dynamite Next Week

In a move that doesn’t come as a surprise, Penta El Zero M (Fenix’s brother) will replace him in his match with Kenny Omega in the second round of the World Title Eliminator tournament.  AEW is reporting that Rey Fenix is okay but that they’re pulling him out of the match as a “precautionary measure”.  We’ll keep an eye on this should more on this turn of events materialize


Botch Take:  He’s injured.  My guess is that he’s concussed.  I don’t believe “precautionary measures” for even one second.  As we know, AEW was less than honest when it came to Matt Hardy’s concussion so why should we trust them here?  I love AEW by and large but it is what it is.  They cover up injury and they’re likely doing it here too.  Either way, I wish Fenix a swift and complete recovery from his injuries.  That spot looked absolutely awful but he did continue to work the match and he walked away under his own power.  That’s a very good sign.  Things could have been much worse.  

I am excited to see Penta vs. Omega next week.  That should tear the house down nicely.