It Is The Feud That Never Ends…

This episode of NXT had a solid flow and came off a lot better than recent episodes, and so much better than TakeOver: XXX!  I had decided before the show started that I was done being nice, as I do periodically when I get stressed out over bad shows, but I realized that it’s not wrestling or WWR that has me riled up lately, so I’m going to stay my normal semi-mean self until at least after SD November 6th, then I’ll decide if wrestling needs a kick in the bum, or if it was the rest of the world making me this angsty!  Please, stay tuned!


Better Than 30!


I missed the opening moments of NXT and when I tuned in, Kushida, Dream and Ciampa were beating the heck out of each other, and I loved it from the first second.  I have to mention off the bat that Dream is wearing camo pants in the ring and Ciampa is in his trunks.  While rarely subtle, I wonder how many people will notice Dream’s nod to Ciampa’s camo pants.  Knowing how on-point Dream is, there’s no question in my mind that he’s wearing them because he’s in the ring with Ciampa.

Round and round in a way we really don’t see often on Raw, the three of them truly left it all out there.  Not just in the ring, but through the ropes, outside the ring, and well above it all as they flew.  They really gave us a PPV-level match that kept me watching closely, and hoping they revisit this at a TakeOver because I know they will take it to a whole new level because these three are greatness in the ring.


Undisputed Chat


Loving that Cole is ‘selling his injuries’ but still working NXT via video connectivity.  It’s a great way to have Cole there while he’s not there.  Technology has really changed the industry to a point that they can do these things during a pandemic.  Fun segment.


Emote This!


Jessi Kamea and Ember Moon both seemed to throw a couple of stiff kicks in the middle of this match.  I think the young Kamea was a bit stiff kicking Moon in the chest and Moon came back with a couple stiff kicks on Kamea while on the mat, then the stiff work was over and they were back to giving us their all.  It’s really worth the watch for that, and to see how little rust there is on Moon, and how much Kamea has grown in the ring.  I plan on watching her closely.

Kamea looked a big green at moments, mostly when covering Moon, but otherwise, I hope this means we will be seeing more of Kamea.  I also hope we see more fun submissions from Moon.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, on YouTube there’s a match between Athena [Moon] and Mia Yim, it’s a lot of fun seeing them face off when they were so much younger).  I’m hoping to see more of these two because they could grow to give us some great matches as their chemistry was close, but not all the way there.  Solid match, but with work they could main event an NXT.


I’m 23 Dang It!


We’d been wondering where Bronson Reed had been the past couple of weeks.  He’s had a great 2020, one of the few who has, including Orton, McIntyre, and Bayley, so I was worried we’d seen the end of his good run in NXT.  Though seeing him in the ring here, I think he’s lost some weight.  His sniglet (yes, I know it’s spelled wrong, it’s how my brain thinks of that word) looks rather loose on him in places, and his overall girth seems to be less.  I hope, if he is losing weight, it’s for his own health and not to accommodate someone else, like McMahon.

If Theory had gone over Reed here, I’d have been really pissed.  I’m hoping this means Reed is back and ready to continue his 2020 rise.

Proof that I write this as I watch the show most of the time because I just watched Reed go over a mouthy Theory again.  I keep saying it’s something about his hair and face.  Just annoying.


Language Issues


People have said Kacy isn’t memorable and can’t talk.  She didn’t say much here and wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad either.  She was very matter-of-fact, and I didn’t hate it.  I might be a bit biased as Kacy has a solid profile with a strong chin, something I’m proud of in my own face.  It might sound silly, but it’s something similar to me, and it’s one of those little things that people notice and lock onto in their own minds, but rarely say aloud.  I’m just a very open book to my readers.

I also love Xia and I’m thrilled she’s finally getting a character, personality, and push.  She’s amazing, and with such a drive.  Her IG is downright amazing!  I see big things for her, and can’t wait for her to be on SD!


Theory Quits


Simple, to the point, and he’s gone.  More questions than answers.  Love it!


Swervin’ Mervin’


Atlas, Swerve, and Adonis have truly won me over.  They each won me over on their own, and now together, they are that much more interesting.  I love them as a team, in this Covid-19 Era of Factions.  Sadly, I really don’t know enough about the other team beyond my boy Wilde who won me over in NXT.  Thrilled Wilde got the three, though I got the feel he wasn’t as tight with his faction as he was on the stage talking smack after it was over and the other two were by announce.  Something going on there?


Johnny Gargano’s Training Wheel


I love the Gargano House segments.  Their chemistry is so adorable, even though they’re playing characters very different from the nice people I’ve always heard they are.  Their matching tracksuits are disgustingly cute!  Johnny’s freak out about being dead because of spinning the wheel about had me on the floor laughing.



Drake Explodes!


Wow! Watching Drake go off the rails like that was great.  Of course Dain is the only one who can hit Drake, so I expected him to kill Drake after the match, but him loving Drake and giving him props were great!  Drake dancing to that silly music and selling his back at the same time, also great.

The first move in Dain not completely hating on Drake made me laugh aloud, something I don’t state unless it actually happens.  So glad I didn’t have tea in my mouth watching that or I might have shorted out my laptop.


Who Is Meanest?


On top of more personality, I really like Li’s new look and her new viciousness in the ring.  The hair is easy as it’s Dutch braids with extensions braided in which takes maybe ten minutes longer than traditional Dutch braids but makes Li look so different.

Li didn’t deal with her loss well, and it’s great.  Not just taking out Kacy, but also Carter, who I love even more than Kacy.  Gonzalez taking out anyone and everyone in her.  Not sure I liked how quickly this turned into completely different, but it sorta worked.


Grimes’ Ego


Grimes is fun, but Lumis is really creepy.  I love watching Grimes, and would love him to be on TV more, but I know he will be.  Grimes is unstoppable – if he makes it through Halloween Havock.




Or should I say Thatch who after his ‘student’ wouldn’t put up with his crap in the showing of holds and moves.  Of course this shows more of Thatcher’s personality, which I still don’t get much from.  I see where they are trying to go with this, but I’m not at all interested or invested in him.  He comes off as a trailer park bully.  What Noble would have been with more height.  Or Angle without any personality or charisma.  I have not been given a reason to care or hate him yet, so I continue to yawn.


They Are So Nice…NOT!


I loved how Lorcan and Burch were willing to have one of them join the remaining member of UE was really cool, but he wanted nothing of it.  Honestly, it seemed really sweet – until I saw what happened.


Shut Up Wade, You’re Wrong!


Maine is NOT the Boston area!  Yes, Oney is from Boston, which I’ve talked about many times, but Westbrook, Maine is not Boston area.  Portland, Maine, where he’s building a house, is also not in the Boston area.  Sorry, that was a pet peeve rant that snuck up on me as well.  I think I’d let it go through this match if Barrett didn’t keep bringing up Boston.  Some of his comments were true about growing up in some parts of Boston, but he was including Fandango in that, and there really aren’t any mean streets of Westbrook.

So my rant has been completely blown out of the water as my boy local Dango lost his gold to my boy Lorcan.  I’m so torn on this one.  They are two of the three WWE superstars I feel this particular way about, and the third has yet to debut.  It makes me so happy the Masshole I saw so long ago at a tiny indie show is now holding gold in WWE, but my local boy I want to see succeed above most others lost the same gold in the process.  This was great and crushing all in one.


Climax Mask


No clue what was up with Pat’s mask, but it was really cool, so much better than those worn by Retribution.  Though they wouldn’t be able to work the ring in that mask.  It was a totally unexpected direction for NXT to go, and I loved it.  So many little moments and questions all answered in one reveal.  I was really impressed with McAfee in his first storyline/feud/match, especially his dedication to learning how to work the ring and make it look as good as he could with how little training he’d had.  He dominated on mic, sold every emotion to his tippy-tippies, and all before actually working the ring.  I’m thrilled he’s back, and I hope he continues the great work he impressed us with in his first run.


Shut Up Barrett, I’m Talking!


I’m thrilled WWE isn’t trying to fake us out with a red-haired woman on announce trying to look like Beth when she’s not even in the building.  It was beyond ridiculous.  Other than that, and the few other things I called them out on, this was a really solid episode of NXT, up from the past couple weeks.  The matches are almost always stellar, it comes down to them going in strange directions and the overall flow of the show being very off.  Hopefully they’re getting that back under control because a lot of the characters, storylines, and feuds are strong and (mostly) interesting.