Scurll Removed From ROH Roster

It’s been a roller coaster ride for many of us this year, but the story keeps thickening when it comes to Marty Scurll and his place in the pro wrestling world.  Accusations against Scurll flew during the #SpeakingOut movement this year.  Scurll took a hiatus from ROH while an investigation began.


In June Scurll released a statement (in part):

“In 2015 after a wrestling event in the UK, I had a brief consensual sexual encounter with a woman. In that moment, at a bar, in those circumstance, I had no cause to question her age. I don’t say of of this lightly or to seek absolution for my ignorance. Although I did not become aware of her age until after the encounter, the reality of the age disparity is not lost on me. I understand that although our encounter was technically legal in the UK, my lack of good judgement that evening has disappointed many fans.”


Scurll was hired by ROH in January to be their head booker, but those are being covered by Hunter Johnston.  Scurll’s been removed from the active roster page on the ROH site, and there are questions about any roles he might have within the company.


QD – I’ve not been a fan of Scurll’s since I first saw him on TNA’s British Boot Camp.  That was where I fell in love with Rockstar Spud, decided The Blossom Twins were not my jam, and that Marty Scurll really rubbed me the wrong way.  I wish I had access to that TNA review I wrote back then, to use my exact words here, but I don’t know where that external drive is at the moment.  Basically Scurll’s been in my ADR/BL/Lars list since before I had that list.