The Bloodlessy HIAC Ever!

Much of the time I skip much of what happens on the Kick Off show, depending on what the opening match is, but not this time.  Between the show prior to the Kick Off being all about Bayley, giving us so much emotion and a glimpse into who Pam is behind Bayley, more than just her school papers, and it was endearing.  Then the first promo video during the Kick Off was about Bayley and Sasha.  It truly impressed me to see how much time they’re giving to this feud.  Because of how good this feud has been, it took me at least three times to predict their HIAC match and I’m still not sure as we go into the show.


Your Childhood Hero Sucks!


Gulak was HARSH after the match was over with that comment!  Honestly, I loved how Jeff Jarrett simply leaned his mic to the side for Gulak to talk when he came up to the table the way he did.  It actually made me laugh almost as much as Truth did when he was at the table earlier.

So much greatness in Truth, and it looks like Gulak too.  Starting the match by making all nicey-nice with Little Jimmy, then throwing LJ the way he did.  It was a travesty, and totally hysterical.  A lot of people don’t think Gulak will do more than be a jobber on Raw, but I am excited to see his personality in this feud with Truth, and hopefully lead to him and Tozawa turning into a tag team in the end.


It’s The Shield Retribution


Sorry, but the way Retribution was standing around Ali, how the camera was positioned, and how dark it was, it really felt like they were trying to Shield it up in some way.  I hope that was just this segment because if I noticed it, most others will notice the similarity as well.  Feels incredibly lazy to me.


Which Uce Is Best?

Queen’s grade


Botch’s grade


The first match of a PPV needs to bring the watcher in, give them a reason to not be pissed at paying $35, and to keep watching the show.  If I had paid ANYTHING for this show, above and beyond the $9.99 that automatically comes out of my account each month, I’d have called the cable company and told them to cut it off and demand my money back.  40 minutes into the show and I was done.  I was more than done, yet it kept going

I know different storylines hit different people, but this one has gone in a direction I really didn’t like.  It felt like it went too far within the family but gave us NOTHING of a wrestling match, a HIAC match, or an I Quit Match.  It told a story, but in a way that was desperately uncomfortable to the point that it’s not entertaining, more like a train wreck you can’t look away from.  Not that train wreck where cargo is all over the place, but the train wreck where hearts are broken and lives are changed.

Botch:  This feud wasn’t even supposed to be a feud; it was supposed to be just one single match.  Jey proved to be far more adept than they thought he’d be so they had to make more of this and I’m so glad they did.  The work itself was good but this wasn’t a match centered on ring work; this was about storytelling and it was absolutely masterful.  The acting of Roman, Jey, & Jimmy was absolutely first-rate and I really felt all that I was supposed to feel.  Stupid onions.  I also felt totally taken by Roman when he guillotine’d Jimmy so that Jey would say “I quit”.  I didn’t see it coming and I love that.  Fantastic way to end it.  Afa and Sika coming out at the end was a nice touch too. Paul’s look of absolutely disbelief as Roman walked up the ramp just perfect.  If you haven’t seen this match fully, go now.  You won’t be disappointed.     

This heel turn had worked wonders for Roman already but this match has made him everything we hoped he could be.  WWE badly needed another star who could transcend wrestling and Roman is officially that guy.  Jey & Jimmy became stars tonight – main event stars (especially Jey).  I don’t know where this is going but we’ll find out soon enough…and I cannot wait.  One thing is for sure.  All three of them are made men.  


Jeff Means Junkie


I feel dirty using that title, even though Elias sang it to Double J earlier.  I honestly thought Double J might get involved and cost Eli the match after what Eli sang during the Kick Off.  I guess what he sang was enough to double J set off Hardy enough.  Beyond that, I’m glad this one was short, but worry the feud isn’t over.  I’m so over Jeff Hardy I can barely deal when he’s on TV.


The US Judicial System

(laugh while reading title)


Sorry, Cole laughed at Graves’ comment about the ‘court’ case the other night and Cole laughed the words I used as the title, because with our government/supreme court, I couldn’t help but laugh and use that as the title to this match caused by one of the things that makes America great – suing anyone over nothing and winning!  Sorry, pet peeve, I’ll get back to what is really important – wrestling!

WHAT?  Wow, I didn’t see that coming, but dang, Tucky sold the heel turn there without saying a word.  Boom he hits Otis and immediately Tucky’s face was all hatred and heel.  It was brilliant!  Okay, backstage he gave the exact sane reason Sonya gave for turning on Mandy – everything was for your, I was behind you, you’re the pretty one, etc., ad nauseum.  It was a bit annoying in that regard, but Tucky hit it hard, sold it well, and I hope they are selling Tucky patches on because I’ve finally decided which of the two I want.  (Helps that my ex-husband’s nickname is Otis and that’s what has been keeping me from deciding.)


Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory


When they mentioned that Bayley’s back looked like the title I used, I almost fell over.  Play-Doh was my favorite as a child.  I had a small table in a little niche in our farmhouse kitchen.  The only window that didn’t end counter-high was perfect for my Play-Doh table.  I couldn’t be outside playing because of my health, so I’d spend hours upon hours there, but now all I see is Bayley’s back going through the cell and it will take a while for my childhood – the non-medical parts – to not be traumatic.

They really gave us some crazy moments in this match, worked the cell hard, and really gave what they had.  I did expect climbing of the cage as they were both in sneakers, not wrestling boots.  I really thought we were going to see some higher flying insanity, but I’m glad they didn’t, because they didn’t need to.  They did what they needed to give us an excellent match without being dangerous or hitting too many really dangerous moves.  This is how to book without going too far.  These two really worked hard out there to cap off years of back and forth between them.  This won’t be the end of it, but it was a serious notch in Sasha’s belt, one she needed.  Now they need to replace that stone in the belt because she deserves her first run with this precious to be delicious all the way around.


Retri-Yeah, Nope


Retribution went from maybe they could be good, even though the missteps, to yay it’s Ali, to yup, they’re pathetic and they are screwed.  What a mess!  I feel bad for Ali, Mia Yim, and Dij, because they’re the losers in this equation.

There was a match?  Not much of one!


Claymore’s Last Stand

Finally one of the HIAC matches started outside the ring, but then they were in there and the door was locked.  Hopefully they will make it back out again!

Honestly, I’m rather impressed with the work from both these guys, something I rarely see from Orton.  I know 2020 is Orty’s year, but that doesn’t mean I believe he won’t go right back to being that piece of excrement we know he’s famous for being.  I don’t know if it’s runoff from Edge, or if he actually does respect McIntyre enough to give so much more to this feud, or if he’s determined it’s time for him to be Champ again, so he’s actually going to put some of his talents to work for him.  Whatever it is, they both look great in that cell.

I truly never thought I’d see Orty climb the cell first.  Once they were up there I was bummed there wasn’t more than one weapon up there as tonight would be the night to have things flying in all directions off the top of the cell without fans getting injured in the process.  The thing I did notice as they were climbing down was that they were using the same foot and hand-holds that others before them used – Ambrose, Shane, KO – but more than that, there were four pieces of metal poking out, right at the juncture to the top and bottom of the cell.  They were perfect for them to place their feet on, but not obvious enough to catch the attention of anyone not looking for it.  It’s a nice thing I’d not noticed before and will be going back to watch to see if they are new, or if I missed them before.

Back in the cell and the ending was solid after a great match.



Shut Up Graves, I’m Talkin’ Here!


What a night!  I can’t say it was the best HIAC, but as Botch reminded us, it’s the third HIAC for WR, and the only PPV WR has covered three times.  This year I didn’t need to rush back from a medieval camping event, so it completely slipped my mind that we have been hanging out here together for three years, and they are years I’m proud of!  Mostly because of the wonderful WR roster, and the Wrestle Royalty Community.  Thank you for being you.