WWE Moving from Amway Center

It has come out this morning via both John Alba and WrestleVotes that WWE will be leaving their “home” in the Amway Center. They recently signed a new agreement that was thought to have been through November 30th, with a verbal agreement through December 31st while both sides negotiated terms for an official contract, but that has been proven incorrect. The extension is only through Tuesday, November 24th. Following, they are being required to move due to the NBA planning to allow teams to play in their home Arenas, which in this case, would mean the Orlando Magic get precedence over WWE.

While it’s unknown at this moment where the WWE is moving, they have been looking at arenas in Texas, North Carolina, and Illinois. The dilemma is that WWE needs a “newer” arena or an older one that has been renovated to support the heavy weight of the ThunderDome set for an extended period of time. In addition, the arena cannot be hosting any other events, NHL and/or NBA games, or concerts. You can see the tweets, as well as a copy of the contract below:

We are closely monitoring the situation as it breaks.

Jason’s Jest: With all the money Vince has regarding WWE, why doesn’t he buy an older, small arena and renovate it to house WWE shows? This could be similar to Full Sail and the Performance Center. In addition to being able to host events, WWE could use it for training purposes and dry runs of entrances, themes, pyro, etc. They could also use the location to start the long rumored permanent Hall of Fame.