Raw Star Moving to SmackDown? (Update)

Last Monday, we saw the conclusion of the WWE Draft. This resulted in changing the landscape of both Raw and SmackDown. Among those moved was Tucker to Raw, with Otis remaining on SmackDown, resulting in an official split of Heavy Machinery. However, it appears that Tucker may be moving back to SmackDown following the events that took place at Hell in a Cell.

The current plan is to have Otis and Tucker involved in a feud against one another, which would be difficult to do with them on different brands. It’s also important to note that Tucker did not appear on Raw last night. In addition, his brand marking on WWE.com has been changed from Raw to SmackDown (pictured below).

This wouldn’t be a shock as trades following the Draft are common in WWE. We will just have to wait and see what becomes of this, but WWE may have dropped the ball here.


Update #1:  It’s simpler than this, really.  Tucker’s profile simply wasn’t ever moved to Raw.  The word we’re hearing today is that he is NOT moving to Smackdown.  This is a clerical error and nothing more.  He was on the Main Event taping last night facing Humberto Carrillo.  While certainly not a death knell, it’s not the greatest sign.


Update #2:  All fixed.  Nothing to see here: