WWE Has ANOTHER Outbreak at PC

It is being reported that WWE has had another COVID-19 outbreak emanating from the Performance Center. According to sources, the outbreak occurred on Friday and no specific names have been mentioned as to who was there at the time, or exactly how many were exposed. WWE immediately evacuated the Performance Center upon the positive test, and is requesting that everyone present quarantine for 14 days.

We are able to confirm that some of the talent scheduled to appear on NXT Halloween Havoc were present at the time, which will result in some spots being changed, but none of the main talent from NXT were involved. The other thing is we do not know if fans will still be permitted to attend Halloween Havoc tonight following the news. Those invited have already been tested and quarantined Tuesday evening. WWE has not made a comment as of press time.

Jason’s Jest: This is really getting out of hand with WWE persistently having COVID outbreaks and issues. With them currently looking for a new home for the ThunderDome, this has the capability to make things complicated as areas may not want them now.