WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

Daily Dre:

Since drinking hasn’t killed me yet, I can only assume it’s making me stronger.



Johnny Gargano defeats Damian Priest to win the North American Championship.  Gargano is the first and only two-time North American Champion!

Grimes freaking out backstage and Regal comes upon him and tells Grimes to go to the parking lot.  Grimes tweaked the whole time.

Pat McAfee with Loran and Burch gives a promo in the ring.  O’Reilly comes out.  They mock him for being alone.  Out comes Dunne to back him, handing Strong a chair.  Into the ring and the three heels to the apron, as O’Reilly approaches them, Dunne hits O’Reilly with the chair and all four of them take him apart.

Regal sends Grimes out the door.  A van pulls up with a zombie in the passenger seat.  Out came Hayes!  Grimes gets in the van and it pulls away.

Escobar defeats Atlas while dressed as Rey Mysterio – his tights were purple with black patent question marks.  All members had some Day of The Dead skulls painted on themselves.

Much darkness and crashing and Grimes gets out of the house and back into the van, but Lumis is in the driver’s seat.  Grimes gets out and takes off running.

Rhea Ripley defeats Raquel Gonzalez after a really hard-fought battle!

Drake as Hogan, then someone else as Giant and someone else as Yeti, then Dain came in as ShockMaster and they get into a whole discussion about why he should have tripped and fallen.

Grimes in the cemetery next to the ring, and is chased out by female crawling contortionists (probably wrestlers) into the ring.  Lumis comes in and is all over Grimes.  As it happens more and more smoke fills the ringside area, and into the ring.  Grimes begs for mercy and one of the contortionists climbs Lumis like he’s a tree.  When she’s on his shoulders, he throws her onto Grimes.  Lumis grabs Grimes and chokes him out and more zombies crawl around the ring, around Lumis.

Backstage promo by Ciampa.

Io Shirai defeats Candice LeRay to retain the NXT Championship in a Tables, Ladders & Scares Match!