Another Talent Defies Social Media Ban

We reported yesterday that Paige had resumed on her Twitch account in direct defiance of the edict that took effect Friday regarding social media and streaming content online. Now it appears that Zelina Vega has joined the fight as well as she has relaunched her OnlyFans account.

Vega initially launched the account back on October 9th in what she called a direct shot at the WWE ban on Twitch, unless she agreed to pay royalties. Then sometime late last week, she deactivated the OnlyFans account about the same time many others did. Now, just a few hours ago, her OnlyFans account is back active.

While OnlyFans has a lot of adult content on it, Vega has explicitly stated that there will be NO nudity or graphic content, and anyone that requests so WILL be banned with no refund. Instead, she is charging $30 per month to access her account, which will feature exclusive photos (clean), cosplay videos, and much more, which customers can then order as personalized for themselves starting at $500. There is also an option where customers can request specific photo sets exclusively just for them, which starts at $1000.

This battle against WWE appears to be heating up!

Jason’s Jest: As stated in the Paige article, I expect more talent to jump on in this fight against WWE! It’s not like Vince can punish the whole roster for doing so! Eventually, I expect Vince to back down on this edict as it continues to do more harm than good for him.