WWE Give Up Trademark Filing On Cody Rhodes’s Ring Name!

Cody Rhodes, real name Cody Runnels, has been looking to gain the trademark rights to his ring name but found some push back from WWE.

It appears that Rhodes might have scored a big win in attempting to get the rights as WWE filed a cancellation notice with The United States Patent and Trademark Office this week.

Thus, this notice is WWE surrendering the trademark. The office is now listing WWE’s filing as dead while Rhodes’ filing is listed as live.

He has been going by the name “Cody” since he left WWE as the company owned the rights to the “Rhodes” name.

As noted, WWE had owned the trademark for a decade, but it expired in October 2019. WWE had a six-month window to re-file their copyright and let it expire. The AEW Executive Vice President filed for it yet faced some challenges in getting the rights. Rhodes has yet to comment on the situation.

Rhodes will defend the AEW TNT Title against Darby Allin at Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view event.

Sir Mitch Says: Cody FINALLY won one of the trademarks he’s been fighting WWE for. Kudos!