WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

Daily Dre:

I’ve always wanted to deliberately run into a car with a “Coexist” bumper sticker just to test their tolerance.



Dakota Kai defeats Ember Moon after Gonzalez distracts.

Cameron Grimes completely freaking out on mic in a backstage interview.

Kushida defeats Cameron Grimes when Zombie Ref from last week comes into the ring after the original ref takes a bump.  Grimes freaks out and ends up tapping.

Ever Rise vs Dain & Maverick ends in DQ when Pat, Oney, Danny, and Pete attacked both teams during the match.

McAfee Gang (not the official name) gives their promo in the ring, mostly against UE, but also against the fans who love them.  They destroy a UE flag and leave, but Dain attacks them at the car.  Dunne kicks a car door closed on Dain’s head.  That freaked out McAfee a bit, but then they drove off together.

Toni Storm defeats Shotzi Blackheart after Candice LeRae said she’s guarding Shotzi’s tank in the middle of a road.  a big pickup truck pulls up.  Candice gets in and runs over the tank.  (More like pushed it along under the front bumper of the truck.)  Candice says out the window that they are now even.  Scream is sitting in the backseat.  Shotzi has a meltdown over her tank in the ring.  Storm tries to soothe her, but it wasn’t working.

Another episode of Thatch as Thatch-Can with a PC kid being beaten up by Thatcher in the process.

Xia won’t talk about the letters from BOA.  Regal brings another note and she wants a match against Gonzalez for next week because she dishonored Xia.  Regal said he’d make it happen.

Tomaso Ciampa defeats Velveteen Dream after an arduous match.