You Better Get Ready to Kill Me (AEW Review)

Backstage segment – Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hagar, & Ortiz) & MJF w/ Wardlow

“Soft”. Wow.  Them’s fightin’ words!  I really want Jericho & MJF to end up together in the same stable.  No one else likes MJF and that’ll make this even more fun.  Jericho’s accusing MJF of having no “killer instinct” was interesting.  That question was answered during the next match.


Sammy Guevara & Ortiz vs. MJF & Wardlow

I love the subtleties here.  MJF headed to the ropes to Santana, only for Santana to move leaving Wardlow and his waiting fist.  As it almost makes contact with MJF instead, he avoids it and the look on MJF’s face was just priceless.  It wasn’t the usual “thank goodness I missed that!”.  It was “don’t you DARE touch me!”.  Wardlow is subservient to MJF; they are NOT a team.  That little moment said so much.  Guevara’s dive onto MJF was perfect; the dive onto Wardlow missed by a mile.  Oh well.  That was a lot really quickly.  The Tower of Doom thing is in danger of being overdone (by everyone – not just AEW) but it was a nice moment.  Hardy as Serpentico nailing Guevara with a chair further tells that story too.  Of course, MJF and Wardlow had to take this.

Jericho, whatever your estimation, is great at what he does.  I enjoy him on commentary.  He doesn’t just commentate on the match; he also helps promote what’s coming up.  He really gets involved and he’s a whole lot of fun.  MJF going after Jericho after the match was just perfect.  Jericho’s reaction told us how thrilled he was to see it.  There’s your killer instinct.  Solid storytelling.


Interview – Kenny Omega & Tony Schiavone

Less than exciting.  Sadly, this characterizes most of his AEW run.  I know I’m supposed to care but it’s hard to when promos have this little fire.  It wasn’t terrible or anything; it just wasn’t great…and it should have been.  I keep waiting for Kenny to be great here.  He just hasn’t been.


Trent & Orange Cassidy (w/ Chuck Taylor) vs. Miro (w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford)

“The Dapper Yapper”.  Oh, JR.  Miro should have known better than to go after Trent’s mama.  You just don’t do that, gosh darn it!  This match had a fair amount of fire behind it.  Trent destroyed Alan and it’s on now.  Better yet, Miro was Trent’s young boy in FCW.  Miro went on to kinda matter in WWE and Trent…didn’t, though he has made a name for himself in NJPW and elsewhere.  Trent’s CHOPS tho!  Poor Miro.

We even got Chuck Taylor disposing of Kip Sabian.  We also got Dark Order coming out to dispose of Orange Cassidy until Miro made them go away.  LOL!

Miro applying Game Over on Trent and then putting it on a second time is nice heel work.  Chuck came in for the save but attacks ensued.  “You have no manners…and it’s all because of your mother”.  I am DEAD!  All in all, a fun match and both Miro & Trent did well here.


Interview – Adam Page (w/ J.R.)

Adam was a little inebriated and I love that.  J.R. called him on his nervousness and did it really well.  Adam is so much better with stuff like this than Kenny is.  While Kenny didn’t really talk me into anything, Adam may have.


Cinéma de Feud – JR, Taz, Excalibur, Matt Hardy, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Arn Anderson, Billy Gunn, Tully Blanchard, Young Bucks, FTR, Matt Hardy

Not challenging ever again if they lose.  Interesting stipulation and FTR absolutely shouldn’t win.  “Young Bucks don’t have the seasoning”.  Oh please, Arn.  LOL!!  I know it’s entertainment and all but what a bankrupt statement to make.  The Bucks have been around!  Maybe Arn was just being negative for storyline reasons but if not, he hasn’t watched anything other than product from the company he was working for.  


In-ring segment – Taz, Brian Cage, & Ricky Starks

Did you do this exact same thing last week?  Taz is basically treading the same (angry-I-hate-you-all) gimmick that Eddie Kingston does so much better.  Cage and Starks should be talking for themselves.  Starks, in particularly, proved here that he can and he proves it whenever he gets a mic in his hand.  Taz simply isn’t needed.  Oh yeah, and more “cool and edgy” cursing.  Congrats on that.

I do like that he brought up Will Hobbs…like he did last week.  At least this was good for that purpose, though I do wish they’d move on it.  It’s been a few weeks now and it’s getting old.


Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

Sammy absolutely marked Matt Hardy out there.  Dag!  That DDT couldn’t have thrilled Reby.  He sold it really well and in truth, I’m sure he’s fine.  Good bit of storytelling.  As you read above, Matt struck first.  He had it coming.

For the record, I hate that Private Party is being fed to the #1 contenders.  They should be a bigger deal.  I’m hopeful they will be sooner than later too. This match was absolutely everything you think a match involving these two teams would be.  It started incredibly fast Marq Quen’s aerial work is just scary.  Isiah landing on the walkway flat on his back could not have felt good.  He should be very thankful for youth.  The corkscrew dive he later did was just breathtaking.  I loved Marq showing his frustration when he couldn’t get the pin on Nick.  Nick was a great foil for both Isiah and Marq.  He really sold their work so well.  Matt’s angle is done and this match further tells that story.  Should be good for the Minnesota Wrestling Crew-isms we’ll get out of FTR this weekend.

After the match was very nearly sickening until Page came out to make the save before anything could happen.  I don’t quite get the friction generated.  There was a “don’t turn your back on me” thing but I don’t get why it happened.  I rewound to try to figure it out and I couldn’t.  Oh well.


In-ring segment – Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley

The two of them are absolutely platinum.  The ones that really make you feel something are the ones I remember.  When Mox brought up Eddie’s mom and Eddie reacted to it, I was hooked totally and completely.  Eddie is heart personified.  He just makes it so real.  Mox matched him word for word and emotion for emotion. That was all that I could handle as a viewer.  I cannot possibly speak highly enough of this segment but I’ll try.

This is the single greatest wrestling-related segment I’ve seen in 2020.  Yeah, it was like that!


Cinéma de Return – PAC

He’s been locked up for seven months because of COVID.  He’s back now and he is twisted.  I LOVE it.  I just wish it were longer but I’m not sure it could have been.  This was incredibly well-shot.  I am here for PAC’s dark and twisted fantasy.  He’s an exceptional heel.  He showed it at the on the indies, he showed it near end of his WWE tenure and he showed in AEW pre-COVID.  Can’t wait to see more of it again.


Natural Nightmares (Cody Rhodes & QT Marshall), Bunny, & The Butcher and the Blade

It sells tension if nothing else.  Quick and fairly effective, though it could have been better.


Red Velvet (w/ Brandi) vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Vicki Guerrero)

Yet, another thrown-together women’s match that lasted mere moments.  It was meant to sell Nyla’s incredible dominance and it did so I won’t kill it.  I do like that Nyla used Shida’s finisher on Red Velvet.  Still, two hours of show and this is what we get for a women’s match.  Next…


In-ring segment – Vicki Guerrero

I had to break this off on its own to be fair to the match itself.  Vicki went to talk and I figured she’s do something memorable.  She usually does.  Sadly, she didn’t.  She, too, decided be edgy and cool or whatever.  She was also stilted, awkward, and just off.  She even got lost for a second in her obvious scripting.


Cinema de Omega/Page – JR, Taz, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Don Callis

Don was beyond boring there.  LOL!  Like…really bad.  The music video with Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You Got (Til It’s Gone”) was fun.  They really want me to care about this.  I wish I could.  I pretty much don’t though.


Cinéma de Darby – Darby Allin

Bizarre video.  I think I like it but weird.  He’s completely unique among the AEW roster.  Never a bad thing.  In his case, he sticks out in the most fascinating way.


John Silver, 10, & Colt Cabana vs. The Gunn Club (Billy & Austin Gunn) and Cody (w/ Arn Anderson)

This was more fun than I thought it’d be.  Cody is just fearless and he showed it here.  Really, all of them did.  Billy Gunn has no reason to give as much to stuff like this but he does.  All of this was done at the service of Austin.  Austin does an incredible Cross Rhodes.  His Quickdraw was really nice too.  He’s got “it”.  John tried to get cute but Orange made him pay.  Moves the story of that match along a little more too.

Cody gave a really nice promo at the end too.  He’s talked me into this match.  Really, both Cody and Darby did.  This should be fun.


Fun episode of Dynamite as usual.  As far as the women, AEW’s gon’ be AEW.  Vicki was usually weak tonight.  Private Party/Young Bucks was a lot of fun as was the last match.  Don’t forget to join us here this Saturday for Full Gear and it’s corresponding “Buy In”.