Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One – currently basking in the Afterglow of a really excellent AEW PPV:  “Full Gear”.  Let’s see how this all went down, shall we?


Serena Deeb (NWA Champion) vs. Allysin Kay

Going into this, I had zero reason to care (thanks to those notorious AEW woman story builds) but I did give this a real chance.  Both have been working for a long time so they are more than capable of having a very good match.  As a match, this was good.  I do like Deeb’s Serenity Lock and Allysin sold it well.  In the end, it went as you think it would.  Not bad but not great either.  It happened.  Apparently, Thunder Rosa wants the belt again.  She came out and menaced Serena for a minute.


“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kenny Omega

That entrance tho…LOL!!  Those chops!  Poor Kenny had a crimson chest.  Kenny took some damage outside of the ring and couldn’t remember which leg took the damage.  THAT was comedy.  Even JR called him out on it.  That Tiger Driver on Page looked incredibly close to hurting him!  Very nice story told here.  Schiavone called out the physical nature of this match and I have to agree.  They really went at it here.  Final Flush is a cool finisher.  They both really gave a lot to this one and we were all rewarded.  Very solid match.

Oh, and Don Callis wasn’t needed in any way so no clue why he was there.  I mean…why four voices.  Three’s not enough?


Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver

Silver was a riot here.  Orange went to put his hands in his pocket and you’d think Orange was about to jump out of a 15-story window.  He ripped out Orange’s pockets.  LOL!!!  Silver worked hard here and Cassidy did too.  His Spin Doctor is fun to watch.  He just brimmed over with personality here too.  I’ve officially fallen into like with him.  I already loved Cassidy.  Lew said this felt more like a Dynamite match and I agree with him.  Fun match.


Cody Rhodes (yeah, I said it) vs. Darby Allin

I’m a fan of Darby because of how unique he really is.  Think a more unhinged Jon Moxley.  He really was fun here.  Darby is incredibly fast and Cody can’t play game.  Darby getting tossed with his arm behind his back was just cringe-y.  The Avalanche Cross-Rhodes was just frightening.  So well done.  All throughout, Cody was doing his level best to put down Darby and he just couldn’t.  Also love that Darby never forgot to sell the arm damage.  This one just wouldn’t quit and I loved all of it.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome too.  Darby put the work in and deserved it big time.

Feel good moments can’t continue.  Stories must be told and we must go somewhere else.  To that end, as little as I needed to see Taz, we now have somewhere else to go and I’m not mad at it


Backstage segment – QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes

We’re getting a Bunkhouse match between Butcher/Blade & Rhodes/Marshall.  The promo was decent and had plenty of fire.  I don’t really care but maybe they’ll make me care during the match.


Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose

This was a nice surprise, though the build for this was absolutely pathetic.  Vickie interfered nicely and cause issues that Shida spent the whole match dealing with.  Fun back and forth between them once the leg damage part of the match was over, though she never forgot to sell it.  How Shida got that Falcon Arrow off is entirely beyond me.  None of the spots that involved Vickie were particularly smooth but she’s not a wrestler.  The one where Rose was “pushed” into Vickie was particularly odd.  The ending was quite anti-climatic – much like Shida’s entire run.

Why did Nyla tell Vicki to slap her in the middle of Vickie’s shouting?  Like…why?  I was DEAD!  Oh, and Vickie’s screaming is absolutely life itself.  I will always love it and you will too.


FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) vs. Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

Tully banned from ringside.  WELL then!  The Bucks are just so smooth.  What’s not to love?  Speaking of love, I love they didn’t go for the obvious right away.  They did get to it, though, and Matt sold it all like a champ.  It was SO Minnesota Wrestling Crew and while I’m not always much on nostalgia exercises, this was also still very much of the moment because of all the other things that came with it.  FTR has absolutely never been better.  They’re like a whole new team in AEW.  This is where they should have been from the very beginning.  Both of these teams absolutely killed it.  Loved the tributes to the Steiners, Hardy’s, Hart Foundation, Steiner Bros, and DIY that both teams did.  Fun accents to an otherwise very current match.  So much great story told her throughout.  You just can’t do any better than these two teams did.


Elite Deletion – Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (w/ Private Party, Proud and Powerful, Señor Benjamin, Hurricane Helms, & Gangrel)

Words…what are words?  This had to be seen.  I dearly love stuff like this.  I’m sure the purists were puking their guts out…and I love it.  We ended up with a tag match featuring the tag teams above and pure mayhem from Hardy & Guevara.  The commentary team couldn’t even call this and I can’t write it.  You just need to see it.  I’ll only say that I loved every second of it.  The ending was absolutely diabolical.  I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.


Chris Jericho vs. MJF

Aubrey.  LOL!  MJF went in for the “sportsmanship” handshake and Aubrey looked at him like he’d lost his mind.  She is so much fun and I’m glad AEW allows its officials to have this much fun.  So began this incredibly fun match.  This was all the charisma and storyline chops that any ring can be expected to handle.  Why Jericho attempted a Hurricanrana from the top rope is entirely beyond me.  He gives so much in his attempt to get people over.  It’s really incredible.  I’m not sure anyone has ever given so much back.  The performance from MJF that led to his win was a riot.  Eddie Guerrero would have been proud.

Now, we’ve got MJF in the Inner Circle.  He is about to be even more insufferable…and I can’t wait.


Backstage segment – Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy & Miro, Kip Sabian, and Penelope Ford

This was a short thing to ratchet up the conflict.  I’m still looking for a reason to care.  Maybe the match will get me into it.


Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston

The build that got us into the match was just so electric, Lewis and I both wondered if the match could live up to it.  In truth, it didn’t.  How could it?  Still, it was exceptional.  They weren’t going to be able to top it with more story so they went for the blood.  I admit I couldn’t watch all of this because it just got too gory and I don’t do that.  We got the barbed wire bat, chairs, thumbtacks, etc.  Eddie did not care.  He was absolutely willing to hurt himself badly in order to win this match.  Mox has always gone for broke and this was no different.  That ALCOHOL tho!  How diabolical can you be?!!?  Kingston did all he could to win but Mox was just that much more diabolical.  Absolutely amazing feud and I hate to see it end.


I’m so relieved that this was a solid PPV.  The last couple haven’t been so it appears they’ve finally got their thing together.  I didn’t really care about the women’s matches much (AEW doesn’t so they can’t make me) and the two backstage segments were  just filler for me.  No matter.  Fun show and I’m glad I spent the money.  See you all on Wednesday!