WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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NXT Results:

Johnny Gargano is in the ring with his “wheel of challengers” and he talks about how he lost his titles in his first defenses. Gargano spins the wheel and it lands on Leon Ruff and he makes his way out to the ring.

Leon Ruff def. Johnny Gargano to win the NXT North American Championship

Leon Ruff is interviewed backstage about his title win and Damian Priest gives him his car keys so he can escape before Johnny Gargano can do anything to him. Gargano gets in Priest’s face and is held back by referees. Gargano talks about how he hates wheels and tries to say that the match was not official. He continues to bicker as referees are in between him, Priest and William Regal.

Santos Escobar def. Jake Atlas to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

A Shotzi Blackheart vignette is played and she talks about how Candice LeRae destroyed her tank. She wants payback and she is ready to get it.

Raquel Gonzalez comes to the ring for her match with Xia Li and Boa comes out to inform her that Xia is not there for their match. Raquel beats down Boa as he tries to leave due to the news he delivered. Raquel leaves Boa laid out in the ring and he starts to get freaked out by what starts happening in the ring. An older man shows up and hands him a letter and writes something on his hand before leaving.

August Grey is interviewed backstage and is attacked from behind by Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher is pulled off of Grey by the referees and throws him into some Dexter Lumis artwork. Lumis stares him down as they are separated by William Regal before anything can happen between the two.

Candice LeRae def. Toni Storm. Storm attacks LeRae after the match and a person dressed as Ghostface comes to help Candice and Shotzi Blackheart comes to make the save. They double team Shotzi and Indi Hartwell is revealed to be the person in the costume.

Breezango are in their locker room and they talk about how hard they have worked to become champions over the years. They talk about Pat McAfee and how he isn’t a wrestler. They say they will be serious and will recapture the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Timothy Thatcher def. Dexter Lumis. Cameron Grimes provided the distraction help for Thatcher to win. Grimes and Lumis fight after the match and Grimes puts a burlap sack on Lumis’ head and continues to attack him. Lumis grabs a chair but cannot hit Grimes with it. Lumis is sitting in the chair and Grimes hits him with the Cave In and stands tall.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed outside of William Regal’s office and says he wants to calmly talk to him about what happened at the start of NXT. Gargano wants the decision reversed by Regal is not going to do it. Gargano throws a tantrum and Regal says the decision will stand and that Leon Ruff will remain champion.

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage and he talks about tough wrestlers from the past and how he compares to them. He says that people in the back claim to be tough but they are not tough at all. He talks about actions without consequence and that he may be old school and the last of a dying breed. He says he will change the 2020 locker room culture and leaves.

Prime Target is played and this one focuses on Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai’s journey to and in NXT. Rhea talks about how she lost at Wrestlemania and then lost the triple threat match to Io Shirai. Io talks about how long it took Rhea to recover from her losses and it goes back to Rhea and she says she doesn’t care about what Io has to say. Prime Target continues with both women talking about the women’s championship and how they each want it.

Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way out to the ring and McAfee talks up their recent actions since joining forces. McAfee talks about how he is making money and talks up Burch and Lorcan. McAfee says he will join the commentary table and how it is the greatest night in NXT history because they are there.

Cameron Grimes is shown getting interviewed during the commercial and he talks about what he did to Dexter Lumis. He is proud of what he did and says he will go to the moon.

Lorcan & Burch def. Breezango to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles. Drake Maverick, who came to help Breezango during the match, attacks the heels but the numbers are too much. Breezango join in as well but are overwhelmed by the numbers. Burch, Lorcan, Dunne and McAfee stand tall as NXT comes to a close.