Major WWE Release (UPDATED)

In a move we didn’t think we’d see, WWE has come to terms on a very surprising female star.  Just a few short minutes ago, WWE came to terms on the release of Zelina Vega.  Here’s the usual tweet WWE sends out when things like this happen:

The reasons for her release are, as yet, unclear.  She has been losing quite a bit on television lately and when WWE instituted it’s Twitch ban, she was not thrilled.  She also tweeted this out a mere ten minutes earlier:

While the timing is definitely odd, we have no concrete proof that there’s any relation between the tweet above and her release.  We’ll keep an eye on this situation.  As it’s merely eight minutes old at the time of this writing, more will materialize.  When it does, we’ll post it.

UPDATE:  We now know the reason Thea was let go.  She was fired for starting an OnlyFans account after she initially left Twitch. She was told she would be fired for doing so and she did it anyway.  Based on the policies the company had enacted, they felt they were left with no choice.  Their ultimate desire is to work out a deal with Twitch directly and that any Twitch activity would occur through WWE.  WWE would be compensated for their deal and the workers would get be compensated by WWE.


Botch Take:  WOW!  Didn’t expect that.  I saw the “unionization” tweet and got a chuckle out of it but didn’t imagine we’d see a “Zelina is released” tweet.  She has been losing a whole lot lately and has basically been directionless since her brief feud with Asuka.  They are equally directionless with her husband, Aleister Black, so it might be worth keeping an eye on him too.