We’re The Good Guys (AEW Dynamite Review)

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one with another entry into the Elite Journal!  Why waste time?  They didn’t!  Let’s get started.


Top Flight (Darius & Daunte Martin) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Love that they started off with a montage for those who don’t know who they are.  Very smart.  One that was done, they just went right into this.  As for this match, Darius and Daunte were here for this.  It was the little things I loved here.  The way Daunte fell perfectly onto Matt’s legs so that Nick could get the clothesline off was really nice.  Darius’ hot tag was just flawless without looking overly showy.  Top Flight was more than ready for this and it showed throughout.  They are very crisp and they both sell well.  Speaking of selling, Matt & Nick are great there too.  They let Top Flight really get their stuff in and made a show out of this.  They made Top Flight look good without “giving away the store”.  Liked Jack & Angelico coming out to attack Darius and Daunte too.  It gives Top Flight somewhere else to go too.  Well done all around.


Vegas – MJF, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, Wardlow, and Jake Hagar

LOL!  There was no way this wasn’t gonna be funny.  Platinum!  Poor Sammy.  LOL!  The only thing off here was Konnan.  He’s 56 but he looks older.  The grain alcohol bit was a riot.  We even got Puff the Magic Dragon!  What more could you want?  Can’t wait for more of this.


History of a Revolution

This really wasn’t supposed to work…and it did.  I’ll never forget that first night at Capital One Arena.  The energy in that place was unforgettable.  We knew this was something special.  I’m so glad I went so I could really feel it.  Our Elite Journal pic was from that very night.  I’m glad this whole thing has lasted and TNT is really behind them so it’s not going anywhere any time soon.  This was very well put together.  The inmates are running the asylum and with the exception of a few stumbles, it’s been a really fun journey and I’m glad I’m on it.


Backstage segment – Jon Moxley

Kingston brought up his mom during their feud; now Mox is bringing up his dad.  Renee is pregnant!  Who knew?  So cool.  Major congrats to both of them.  Mox does these promos better than just about anyone.  He’s selling me on this match with Omega.


Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford & Miro on commentary)

Orange is so unique.  There’s no one quite like him and I love it.  I’m still waiting to care about Kip, Miro, and Penelope.  I really don’t yet.  Tony & JR did what they could to make me care about Miro tonight but I still don’t.  I need more from all of them in order to get involved with them.

The match itself was fun.  Lots of near finishes and both sold really well.  Amazing how little offense Orange actually got in.  He did take it with the Mouse Trap and it looked great.  We even got Miro running in and Chuck and Trent coming in for the save.  Fun little match.

…and Cassidy never got to put his hands in his pockets.  A moment of silence for that…


In-ring segment – Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega

…or not.  I love that this didn’t become anything like these always do.  Mox was taken out backstage.  LDB is thinking V Trigger.  If that’s the case, this feud should sufficiently take off.


Vegas II – MJF, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, Wardlow, Jake Hagar, Elvis, & Swoggle

Jericho was…lightly toasted…and this became even funnier.  MJF was too and he got all sappy.  Okay, they all were.  Comedy gold – all of it.  This was some Jack-fueled walk on the wild side and I loved it.  Just utterly strange…LOLOL!!!  I can’t cover this; you just need to see it.


Blade (w/ Butcher & Bunny) vs. PAC

Blade basically came out here to put Pac over.  No one doubted that would happen and it did.  That doesn’t mean the match wasn’t fun or that he looked bad.  He didn’t…not in any way.  Things got a little botchy between them at first but it didn’t hurt anything.  That superplex off the top was so graceful.  Pac’s Brutalizer is a thing of beauty.

As a character, I’m really struggling to care about Blade.  Butcher & Blade are now with Eddie so maybe that’ll fix things.  Eddie is fun anywhere he’s used and he was fun on commentary – far better than Miro was earlier in the same position.  He got the last laugh too and was too funny doing it.

Eddie came out to gloat and have some fun.  Rey Fenix came out to save Pac and took damage.  A few stories told here all at once…like life is.  I love it.  We’re getting the Death Triangle again and I’m here for that too.  All so well done.


Jade Cargill, Brandi Rhodes, Big Swole, Nyla Rose, & Vicki Guerrero

Jade was menacing like she should have been but Brandi can’t even take damage well.  Her arm was wrapped around a chair and Jade stomped on it.  All Brandi could do was yell “get off of me!”.  When Jade stomped on it, Brandi just took her arm out of the chair without exhibiting the slightest bit of pain.  Gee, thanks, Brandi – way to get your talent over.  Swole came out for the save and she is just so much money!  Nyla and Vicki were in the background but they were there.


Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa

No, the grade isn’t a typo.  This was a really solid match.  Loved Reba & Britt coming out to bring damage to Thunder Rosa.  That interference didn’t put Rosa down.  Deeb didn’t know it but it was really fun.  Some actual storytelling for women.  Who knew?  The countering between them was really fun.  In the end, Serena took this.  Lots of fun twists and turns and I really enjoyed this.  That’s a rare bird.  They gave us a great match and storyline stuff.  Good for them!  Here’s hoping it’s the shape of things to come.  Rosa attacking Britt at the end was just perfect.  Britt is such slime and we could get a really good feud out of this.


Backstage segment – John Silver & Anna Jay

John is high-larious.  I never knew he’d be this much fun.  As a character, Anna is wallpaper.  She exhibits very little personality.  Apparently, she’s more on “Being the Elite” – one of a few YouTube shows AEW puts out (thanks, LDB).  I can’t watch all of that stuff.  Too many house in the week.  I’ll cherry pick through things but I’ve been pretty lax on BTE.  Anyway, I haven’t written her off or anything; I’m just waiting to care.


Ricky Starks & Brian Cage (w/ Taz on commentary) vs. Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson)

Starks is seriously about to take off.  He’s really good at absolutely everything.  He’s become great slime.  I love that Cody can use his last name again.  Silliness that he couldn’t.  He’s just so crispy in the ring.  Brian Cage is no slouch in the ring but he’s nearly charisma-free in every other regard.  JR is improving on his ability to throw to PiP too.  He really struggled at first and for a long time after.

As for the match, this was really fun.  Fun seeing Arn gettin’ all in his feelings and throwing a chair in the ring, thus getting thrown out.  They all flew around the ring nicely.  Darby is the real deal and I’m glad we’re really seeing it.  He’d begun to look like Mox, Jr. but he has his own thing too and we’re getting it now.  One Avalanche Drill Claw and it’s over.  Cage has pinned the TNT champ.  Wonder where they’ll take this?  Loved seeing Starks pick the bones too.  Real slime move.

The best part of this was Hobbs coming out and turning on Cody.  He’s on Team Taz now.  Great, now I have to like them.  LOL!  I’m kidding, of course.  They’re moving on Hobbs and I am here for it!  We’ve seen this heel turn done this way a thousand times and he did it well here.


All and all, another solid night of Dynamite.  There was a lot of story told here – even involving the women!  There were no major disasters here at all.  Nice to see Pac back in the ring.  They did a little building on Jade so we’ll see where it goes.  They’re moving slowly on it which is good.  Still waiting to care about Miro, Kip, Penelope, and Anna.  Love seeing them going somewhere with Hobbs.  At some point, Cage and Hobbs won’t be able to coexist…and I am here for that.  Just a prediction and nothing more.  See you all next week for another entry into the Elite Journal!