Former AEW Employee Speaks Out (NSFW)

A few hours ago, a former AEW employee named Louis Benson posted a very long series of tweets detailing his alleged experiences working with AEW.  Here it is:

There’s a lot to this and it’s all included in the series of tweets.  Thus far, no one from AEW has responded to this tweet series.  If and when they do, we’ll update this post as necessary.


Baron Botch:  We talked a bit about this backstage before we decided to post this.  We were looking for balance.  While it’s certainly true that people would be all over WWE if information about them of this type got out and people are being relatively silent concerning these allegations, we have a responsibility to our readers to find some sort of balance and that’s what we sought as we talked it over ourselves.  We’ve decided to just post this “as is” and let you draw your own conclusions until we gather additional perspectives.  If anything more surfaces, we’ll be sure to add it to his post.

More than anything, we wish Mr. Benson well in his fight with COVID-19 and hope he has a swift and easy recovery.