New Home For ThunderDome Is….

This morning on FoxSports, WWE announced that they have found a new home for the ThunderDome. Not shockingly, it was in a State not previously announced they were looking to move. The new home will be Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida. This is almost a perfect fit for them because baseball won’t begin again until March 2021 at the earliest, giving them a 4 month spot.

This move isn’t happening immediately, but will begin with the December 11th episode of SmackDown. Hopefully, this will lead to what we have seen with NXT with the hybrid of combining a virtual audience with a live audience.

Jason’s Jest: Even though Florida was not reported as locations for the new “home”, I’m not shocked due to Florida lifting restrictions. Vince is on a mission to prove that he can safely hold an event to get as many people at WrestleMania next year. As of now, WWE is pushing to hold the event at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at full capacity.