WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Raw Results:

Raw starts with the men’s Raw team in the ring with Adam Pearce. Pearce congratulates the team on winning last night at Survivor Series and then asks each member on why they deserve a title match against the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. AJ Styles is first because he was the “Captain” and Sheamus is quick to interrupt and say he was not his captain. Sheamus recalls his friendship with Drew and AJ cuts him off by saying he better not be gifted a title match because they are friends. Keith Lee then chimes in and says he deserves to be next in line because he pinned Smackdown’s champion. Riddle then talks about how he beat King Corbin and that should warrant a match. Pearce then goes to Braun Strowman and he takes offense with Pearce calling him “last” and gives him a headbutt before Raw goes to commercial.

A video is shown from earlier in the day and the Hurt Business is walking backstage and they run into the New Day. The Hurt Business thro shade at the New Day for losing to the Street Profits last night and want a title shot. Xavier Woods then answers the challenge by bringing up that they beat them last week and he is then goaded into the match by Cedric Alexander.

The Hurt Business def. The New Day by countout, the New Day retain the titles. MVP goads the New Day into restarting the match by calling them cowards and such.

The New Day def. The Hurt Business to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles

Adam Pearce comes out of the trainer’s room and is asked about the WWE Championship situation. He starts to talk about it and how Braun Strowman was escorted from the building. Bobby Lashley then appears and appeals to Pearce to have a moment of his time as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw comes back from commercial and Pearce is once again asked about the WWE Championship situation. Randy Orton then appears and tells Pearce he needs to talk to him.

Lana is interviewed backstage about being the sole survivor at Survivor Series. She talks about how elated she is about it and is all smiles throughout.

Adam Pearce finally addresses the WWE Championship situation and he says the six men will have a series of matches and that Sheamus vs Riddle will be the first one. The winners will meet in a triple threat match next week and the winner will face Drew McIntyre.

Riddle def. Sheamus. Riddle earns a spot in the triple threat match next week.

Lana is walking backstage and bumps into Asuka. Asuka asks her if she was challenging her and Lana says she was not doing that at all. Lana tries to explain and Asuka ends up accepting the challenge. Asuka tells her that she may walk out as Raw Women’s Champion tonight and leaves.

Rambling Rabbit is shown in the Fun House crossing out Nikki Cross’ face prior to her match with Alexa Bliss as Raw goes to commercial.

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss welcome everybody to the Firefly Fun House and they speak about friendship. They talk about how bad friendship is and how friends can betray you. The Friendship Frog appears and everybody is puzzled by his appearance. Friendship explains himself and then Bray tells Alexa to show him what she will do tonight and she smashes him after Bray puts the heal glove on her forehead and she does a slight transformation. The two share a moment and plays clips of his life before laughing and saying goodbye to everybody.

Asuka def. Lana by DQ when she is attacked by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. They continue to attack her and threaten to put her through the announce table when Lana saves her.

R-Truth is at a merch stand and he talks about the Black Friday deals that WWEShop will be doing. A referee then appears and Drew Gulak appears behind him. Drew tries to pin him but the lights go down and Truth runs off with the referee because they fear the Fiend. Someone in a Fiend mask appears behind Gulak and he runs off. Akira Tozawa reveals himself in the mask and then grabs a 24/7 Championship pillow as Raw goes to commercial.

Asuka and Lana def. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Riddle is walking backstage and bumps into MVP. Riddle starts talking to him and then asks him about Lashley. MVP says he is busy prepping for his match and Riddle starts pitching him different ideas for businesses. MVP then tells him to get back to him and that they will get back to him if they do not like his ideas that they will do another type of business.

Keith Lee def. Bobby Lashley by DQ when MVP attacks him in the ring. Lee advances to the triple threat match next week.

Nikki Cross is interviewed in Gorilla about Alexa Bliss and she talks about how she has been trying to get through to Alexa. She says she is done trying and that she will beat the Fiend out of Alexa tonight.

Alexa Bliss def. Nikki Cross

AJ Styles def. Randy Orton. Styles earns the final spot in the triple threat match next week. The Fiend caused two distractions during the match that would cost Orton the match.