WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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NXT Results:

Candice LeRae def. Ember Moon. Moon is able to escape from a post-match beat down from Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Toni Storm comes as back up for Ember after the match but attacks her instead. Toni throws her into the ring and the heels beat down Ember.

The Undisputed Era are shown arriving to the CWC before NXT goes to commercial.

Legado del Fantasma are discussing their plans in their room and how they wanted to bring respect to lucha libre. They talk about how it has been their year and how they have taken out every challenger. They start talking about who is next for Santos and how they will do something when they say it will.

The Undisputed Era come out to the ring and Adam Cole talks about how people have tried to take them out but have failed. He acknowledges they were given a dose of their own medicine and they respect them for that. He calls Pat McAfee a coward because he isn’t there. Cole says he cannot wait for WarGames and how much punishment he plans to give McAfee. O’Reilly, Fish and Strong talk about how fun it was to beat them up last week. Cole tells them they need to focus on the advantage match tonight and O’Reilly volunteers because of what happened at Halloween Havoc. The rest of the UE agree to it and Cole says he loves the angry version of Kyle. Cole talks about how this is a different UE and they are ready to prove who they are.

Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are walking backstage and Candice asks them if they are in. They each say they are and Candice introduces them to her team. She says that he team will be herself, Raquel, Dakota and Toni Storm. Toni says she came back to NXT to show them the real Toni and they all walk off.

Timothy Thatcher’s students are shown backstage and they are ready to watch his upcoming match with KUSHIDA.

KUSHIDA def. Timothy Thatcher. Tommaso Ciampa sat by ringside during the match and provided the distraction that allowed KUSHIDA to win.

A recap of the NXT Women’s Championship match is played. Both Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley provide their thoughts on the match during the recap. Rhea questions where she goes from here as the recap comes to a close.

Pete Dunne is interviewed about his upcoming match with Kyle O’Reilly and he gives him props over his talent. Lorcan and Burch chime in by saying Dunne will beat him tonight. Dunne says they broke the Undisputed Era once and they plan on doing it again.

Kevin Owens is in the ring for the Kevin Owens Show and he talks about how he will always come back to NXT when invited. He then introduces Leon Ruff as his guest for the evening. Owens talks about how he wanted to do the Kevin Owens Show with Leon and asks him to share his story. Ruff talks about how he has wanted to be a WWE superstar and they show a clip of when he won the NXT North American Championship. Ruff talks about what the title means to him and Owens talks about how it was a journey for him to make it to WWE as well. Owens encourages him to speak his mind and Ruff gets excited over being champion. Owens then says that Johnny Gargano will interrupt and he does on cue. Gargano scoffs at Ruff’s idea that he beat him. Owens gets Gargano a chair and Gargano throws it out of the ring. Gargano then mentions Damian Priest and he comes out to the ring. Priest takes issue with what Gargano was saying about Ruff and that Ruff is better than him. Gargano then pushes Ruff and Priest mentions how he never got a rematch for the title. William Regal then comes out and makes a triple threat match between Ruff, Priest and Gargano official for Takeover WarGames.

Finn Balor cuts a promo and he talks about war. He talks about being back and how he awaits his next challenger.

A Shotzi Blackheart vignette is played and she talks about WarGames while building something.

Cameron Grimes def. Jake Atlas. Dexter Lumis shows up after the match and he plays a video of Grimes running away from him. He then takes a strap from a sack and seemingly challenges him to a strap match. Grimes doesn’t take the bait and leaves.

Cameron Grimes is walking backstage and he says he does not fear Dexter Lumis. He bumps into William Regal and Regal tells him he will face Lumis in a strap match at Takeover.

Rhea Ripley is in the ring and she talks about what happened last week. She says she is not going anywhere and is then interrupted by Candice LeRae and Toni Storm. Candice mocks what Rhea had to say and how she had matches stolen from her against Io whereas Rhea lost clean. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez then show up and Raquel has Io Shirai over her shoulder. They then charge the ring and Rhea takes out Gonzalez and Dakota. She gets in the ring to take on Candice and Toni and the numbers are too much for Rhea. The heels continue to beat down Rhea in the ring and leave her laying as they leave to the back.

Boa and Xia Li are shown arriving to a building in a car and they greet the old man from before as their master. They then enter the building and ask for forgiveness and to be given one more chance. They are told to be quiet and are told that it is time.

Ever-Rise are in the ring and they are attacked from behind by Grizzled Young Veterans. Zack Gibson gets on the mic and talks about how they are back and they are coming for the titles. They hit their finisher on one of the members of Ever-Rise before leaving.

Candice LeRae is walking with Indi Hartwell and she talks about what is to come with WarGames. She says Raquel will beat Shotzi Blackheart next week and earn the advantage for her team. Johnny Gargano then talks about how he will win at WarGames and become champion again. They drive off in a car and there is someone in a Ghostface mask in the backseat.

Pete Dunne def. Kyle O’Reilly in a ladder match to earn the advantage for his team at WarGames