Positive COVID-19 Test at Impact Wrestling

According to Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer, someone at Impact Wrestling as pulled a positive COVID-19 test from the last set of TV tapings.  At this point, it’s unknown who the tested positive but as all wrestling companies have done, Impact attempted to keep it quiet, the wrestlers found out about it, and they are understandably less than thrilled.  Meltzer said the following:

…Most of the wrestlers were not told and were very hot having to hear the news through gossip.” …Up until this point, the promotion hasn’t dealt with any positive tests. They only do temperature checks and not testing.  He then went on to say that Impact Wrestling was “the only major company not testing which they felt was very irresponsible.”

We will monitor the situation as best we can (we likely won’t know any more as Impact is clearly trying to keep this as close to the vest as possible).  If we hear more, we’ll add to this post.


Botch Take:  It’s unavoidable, really.  Other companies (namely WWE) have taken a lot of heat for positive COVID-19 tests but every company has come up with them.  There’s really no getting around it.  Regardless of how people are acting, COVID-19 is very much still out there (it’s a disaster in the U.S. where I am) so that someone working for Impact would come up positive is no real shock at all.  The real shock here is that Impact isn’t doing COVID-19 testing.  I agree that not doing so is incredibly irresponsible and it’s a minor miracle that they haven’t had more positive COVID-19 tests.  ‘Course, maybe they have and we just don’t know about them.