Royalty of the Ring: Final – Bianca Belair vs Naomi

So here we are; it’s the final and what a tournament it’s been this far! Bianca Belair has battled her way through Hana Kimura and Kay Lee Ray, while Naomi took down Io Shirai and Mia Yim. Before you vote for your winner, let’s take a look at what the competitors have to say.


So we’re really doing this.  Okay, here’s the deal.  Naomi hasn’t been seen on TV since Cyndi Lauper accompanied Wendy Richter to the ring to face off against Leilani Kai at WrestleMania I.  I literally don’t remember the last feud she was in.  I know she was Smackdown Women’s champion but I can’t remember when.  If you’re not David, Jr., you don’t either.

In truth, I love Naomi.  I always have.  She has “it” – lots of “it”.  She’s really great in the ring.  I love Naomi abidingly so this is a tough one for me.  Still, Bianca is really the only intelligent choice here.  Bianca absolutely killed it in NXT while she was there.  They’re just starting to move on her in WWE now and I am here for it.  We already know Bianca’s history.  She was an all-around athlete who basically stumbled into wrestling.  She had to abandon her CrossFit career due to shifting rib syndrome.  She’s picked up wrestling remarkably quickly and been slowly moving up.  She’s just gone to Smackdown (as has her husband, Montez Ford) and she was on the Survivor Series team.  While the team didn’t win, she had an excellent showing individually and was the last survivor on her team.  She’s doing an outstanding job and it’s only a matter of time before she becomes Smackdown Women’s champion.

For a match, I just happened to stumble on this one from December 2019.  It’s a live one featuring Bianca and Kayden Carter.  The entire match is a lot of fun but check it out from about 9 minutes forward to the finish.  The Eddie Guerrero-esque finish is an absolute riot.  The two of them worked so well together, I wish we’d gotten to see more of it.  We certainly get a lot more of Kayden’s personality here than we’ve ever gotten.  Bianca is just so much fun here so I had to showcase this one.  Have a look:

It’s simple, really.  Bianca has the “hot hand” right now.  She’s fresh, she’s exciting, and the sky’s the limit for her.  As much as it pains me, Naomi’s best days as a wrestler are likely in the rear view.  As much as I like Naomi, the only intelligent choice here is Bianca Belair.


It’s unfortunate that Botch had to pick Bianca Belair to drag down into 2nd place with him this year, because Bianca is one of my absolute favourites, so I hate that I’m gonna have to hand her an L in route to my 2nd ROTR tournament championship. On the flip side, I always enjoy laying a good beatdown to Botch as I did last time in the finals and this coming week, history will repeat itself.

For my final selection in this year’s tournament, I’m going with Naomi vs Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown’s Women’s Championship at the 2017 Elimination Chamber PPV. From years of being nothing more than a Funkadactyl, or being cast aside in favor of other women, Naomi finally reached the top of women’s wrestling by defeating Alexa Bliss in yet another rare match where Naomi was able to showcase her unique moveset and athleticism. Naomi’s post match speech was the cherry on top.


So there we have it. There’s nothing left to say, except make your vote! Please vote based on only what you’ve read and seen here. Let’s make this a fair tournament. (Poll ends Friday December 4th, at 8pm ET).

Royalty of the Ring Final

  • Naomi (60%, 18 Votes)
  • Bianca Belair (40%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

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